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Winter Park just canceled. As the info comes in about refunding booth fees, I will post that when I know it. Or, someone else can if they get the word before I do.

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Here's the latest:

Artisphere is postponing until August 21-23. I see the shows are starting to pile up on each other, Edina and Artisphere. No contest there if you were lucky enough to get into Artisphere.

Laumeier has canceled.

Mainsail canceled.

Count on everything being canceled for the month of April and much, if not all, of May.

Laumeiere, St. Louis- CANCELLED. Just got an e-mail...

Wilder Art Fair in Elmhurst, IL. just e-mailed us. They will know by Apr. 1st if they are cancelling or not for the May 2-3 show.

The Rio Grande Festival is refunding 20% of our booth fees. It just sucks for everyone that they cancelled 16 hours before set up.  Artists had traveled from all over the country to be there. The promoter had purchased billboards, magazine ads, radio, etc. I was hoping the Governors office would kick us down at least $1000.00 each.

ArtWalk San Diego -- postponed to June 6 & 7. 

In their announcement I saw something that I've seen in a couple of other places:


We greatly appreciate the many participating artists for being flexible and confirming their participation in these new dates.
Meanwhile?  Looking for amazing artwork?  Our website features a user-friendly virtual art gallery.  Find the art that inspires you and purchase directly from the artists here.
The Des Moines Arts Festival posted that a few days ago, so this morning I went to their website to see the gallery. As you might expect, great work, a wide variety of media and quality beyond ... 

and this just in from in New Jersey:

Verona Exhibitors, Department of Parks, the Fine Art and Crafts at Verona Park show, May 16-17, will be cancelled. We will be refunding deposits or booth fees starting today since know how financially painful this time is in your lives. If you paid by Square, the refund will be issued through them. If you sent a check, a refund check will go out in the next few days. We will be sending out an email blast to our 5,000+ past patron's list to advise them of the cancellation and will include a reminder to go to our gallery to connect to the website's of their favorite exhibitors or to explore new fine artists and fine crafters. Take this time to update your website and please stay in touch.
Janet and Howard Rose

Cherokee Triangle in Louisville has cancelled with refunds. The Kentucky Derby on the following weekend has been rescheduled to September (thought I'd toss that in).

Good for the Cherokee Triangle. 

Don't you all wonder how these events are able to refund their events? It's not like they haven't used your booth fees for offices, advertising, staff, websites, etc.

Wow! The Kentucky Derby!! Wonder if that means the Derby Party I was invited to is also cancelled.

Cherokee Triangle is a neighborhood association event, so their overhead is low. I don't know what advertising they are committed to but if it hasn't ran yet they should be able to back out of it. Bummer about the Derby party as those are usually fun. There are usually two or three folks at Cherokee Triangle selling Derby hats, quite stylish and elaborate things.

In my inbox from Art at Ives, Danbury, CT:

In light of the Covid-19, Coronavirus pandemic and the unprecedented global measures to mitigate and contain the virus, Mayor Boughton and Governor Lamont declared a State of Emergency prohibiting all gatherings of 10 or more. In accordance with this directive, the Ives Authority and Ives Concert Park have postponed all events through June 30 until further notice.  As we navigate these unchartered waters together and recognize that public safety is our #1 priority, we are working to prioritize and reschedule events and will post updates when they become available.

News from the Omaha Summer Arts Festival, getting out ahead and keeping their artists informed of their plans:

Good Afternoon Everyone,


For more than 40 years, the Omaha Summer Arts Festival has sought to do the right thing by its artists, vendors and attendees. As COVID-19 has become an evolving and uncertain public health issue affecting people globally and close to home, we want to reassure you that we are closely monitoring the situation and doing our best to plan and prepare for whatever may come next.


At this time, we are continuing to actively plan for the 46th Annual Omaha Summer Arts Festival, planned for June 5, 6, & 7, 2020 in Downtown Omaha. That said, we are keeping abreast of the rapidly changing landscape and diligently seeking informed scientific sources, governmental notices, and socially responsible counsel.


While we work to remain optimistic, we understand the concerns of our artists and the potential financial impact that our decisions may have on your livelihood. The Omaha Summer Arts Festival Board of Directors and Staff will continue to monitor the situation closely and will make a firm decision regarding the future of this year’s festival on or before April 30th.


If you have already paid for your booth but will not be able to make the trip to Omaha, you have until May 1st to receive your refund, less a $50 processing fee. If you have not paid for your booth in full, you have until April 3rd to either ‘accept’ or ‘decline’ and submit your booth payment.


We certainly understand the anxiety and stress that we are all under in these unprecedented times. In the case of a complete cancellation of the event, we will refund all artist booth fees, electrical and parking, less credit card processing fees.


We hope to be celebrating in the streets of Omaha with all of you this June, but if that becomes impossible, we promise to keep your best interests at heart. Nothing is more important than the health, safety and well-being of our artists, vendors and attendees.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email or by telephone at XXX-XXX-XXXX.


Please stay safe and let us know if there is anything we can do to help.



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