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Im ISO a mesh panels for display at art fair. I've looked which are great but out of my budget at $750 + $60 shipping.

Does anyone have suggestions, or possibly have the above to sell or trade? I have Pro Panels including all the hardware.

Thank you

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I just bought another set of Flourish mesh / softwalls. They are worth every penny.

Expensive? Yes. However a very good value. 

Im not disputing their value Larry, I just can't afford them

Have you searched on the used market?

Here, as well as Zapp forum, Craigslist, Ebay etc.

Hi Lisa

I have a set of Flourish mesh panels that came with my canopy when I bought it used.  I never used them and the artist I bought them from did not do many shows.  I think they are in very good condition.  They are in my storage loft in their travel bag.  I would think $500 would be fair.

I'm wondering if you have found the mesh panels?

I'm looking for black pro panels with hardware and have mesh panels to trade.


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