All of these products were used one time for an art fair in Lincoln last summer. After doing one fair I decided I preferred galleries rather than an outdoor event so looking to sell. Located in Syracuse, NE near Lincoln/Omaha.

Armstrong Products Gallery Stackable Panels w/6" leg adjusters (qty: 9) Color: Cloud Grey

MSRP $1836

Makes a 10'x10' booth

Armstrong Corner Panel Locks (qty: 2)

MSRP $38.40

Armstrong Panel Locks (qty: 6)

MSRP $61.20

Armstrong Panel Y-lock (qty: 1)

MSRP $19.20

Armstrong Stabilizer Bar 3-in-1 (qty: 1)

MSRP $54

Pro Panels Cable Hanger 18" silver (qty: 4)

MSRP $52

Pro Panels Cable Hanger 72" silver (qty: 1)

MSRP $17

Pro Panels Pro Gripper silver (qty 1)


Harmon Hooks

Large (qty 20) 

MSRP $20

Medium (qty: 22)

MSRP $20

TOTAL MSRP: $2,124.80

Shipping MSRP (panels): $195

SELLING PRICE: $1900 (pick-up only)

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