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As a show artist it seems we may meet the criteria for short term unemployment benefits while these events are on hold.

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It seems logical that we should be eligible to receive benefits. We pay our share of taxes and many of us have formed an LLC to conduct our business/taxable income. Our legislators have deemed it necessary to assist corporate entities. If that is what our legislators deem necessary, than that is acceptable as long as small business people/artists are included in the safety net.

Please, let's all keep our eyes open to any information that may assist us in attaining benefits in this time of need. I unfortunately have been spending a lot of time viewing all aspects of the CoVid19 pandemic and if/when I find some credible information concerning artists unemployment benefits I will share.

Please stay safe and if you can help someone,,,,, do it.

As much as I am hoping that unemployment will apply to us, we are considered self-employed, even if we do have an LLC designation, I'm not sure it does, Can anyone answer this?

The new stimulous package is working on unemployment for the self employed.

Etsy was/is working on a way to get congress up to speed:

also this:

In order to receive unemployment benefits someone has to have paid into unemployment in your name.  Normally, the employer pays into unemployment on each of its employee's behalf - by name and social security number.  I'm not sure how far back they go, so you may have worked for a company a few years ago and still be able to collect from those payment.  If you are an S Corp you should be paying your own unemployment, which means that you could collect unemployment.  If you work for yourself and do not pay unemployment for yourself, you would not be eligible to collect unemployment.

This is what’s in the senate bill that’s now in the house to be voted on. 

The 'not able or available to work' part sounds like a good way to not pay a lot of people who aren't "directly" affected by covivid, but *shrug*. Benefits also may go as long as 26 weeks. I couldn't find any info about, like, how they'd do this through each state, so how it will actually work (and how fast anyone will actually see anything see as they're probably swamped with regular unemployment claims now) is a big question mark. 

(PANDEMIC SELF-EMPLOYMENT AND JOB ENTRANT COMPENSATION.—Any agreement under subsection (a) shall provide that the State agency of the State will make payments on a weekly basis (in this section referred to as ‘‘Pandemic Self-Employment and Job Entrant Compensation’’) to unemployed individuals who— (A) have no rights to regular compensation with respect to a week under the State law or any other State unemployment compensation law or to compensation under any other Federal law; (B) are not receiving any State or private paid leave (as defined in subsection (g)) with respect to such week; and (C) attest that—(i) the individual is not able or available to work due to COVID–19 with respect to such week (as determined under paragraph (4)); and (ii) but for COVID–19 (as determined under paragraph (4)), the individual would be able and available to work during such week.

(2) AMOUNT OF PANDEMIC SELF-EMPLOYMENT AND JOB ENTRANT COMPENSATION.— (A) IN GENERAL.—Except as provided in subparagraph (B), the amount of Pandemic Self-Employment and Job Entrant Compensation payable to an individual for a week under an agreement under subsection (a) shall be $300.

(B) HIGHER PAYMENT FOR CERTAIN INDIVIDUALS.—Notwithstanding subparagraph (A), the amount of Pandemic Self-Employment and Job Entrant Compensation payable to an individual for a week under an agreement under subsection (a) shall be an amount equal to the sum of $600 plus 1⁄4 of the average weekly benefit amount of regular compensation paid to eligible individuals in the State as of January 1, 2020, but only in the case of an individual who attests (and furnishes such supporting documentation as the State agency may request) that—(i) the individual had net earnings from self-employment (as defined in section 1402(a) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986) of not less than $2,500 during the 6-month period ending on the date of enactment of this Act; or (ii) the individual had a contract or other offer of employment suspended or rescinded due to COVID–19.

(3) DURATION OF BENEFIT PAYMENTS.—An in- dividual who becomes entitled to Pandemic Self-Em- ployment and Job Entrant Compensation paid by a State under an agreement under subsection (a) shall receive such benefit for not more than 26 weeks.

(4) NOT ABLE OR AVAILABLE TO WORK DUE TO COVID–19.—For purposes of this subsection, an indi- vidual shall be considered to be not able or available to work due to COVID–19 with respect to a week during any part of which the individual is not able or available to work because— (A) the individual has a current diagnosis of COVID–19; (B) the individual is under quarantine (including self-imposed quarantine), at the instruc- tion of a health care provider, employer, or a local, State, or Federal official, in order to prevent the spread of COVID–19; (C) the individual is unable to engage in self-employment (in the case of an individual described in paragraph (2)(B)(i)) or seek suitable employment because of closings or restrictions on movement related to COVID–19; (D) the individual is engaged in caregiving (without compensation) for an individual who has a current diagnosis of COVID–19 or is under quarantine as described in subparagraph (B)); or (E) the individual is engaged in caregiving (without compensation), because of the (i) the total amount of Pandemic Self- Employment and Job Entrant Compensation paid to individuals by the State pursuant to such agreement; and COVID–19-related closing of a school or other care facility or care program, for a child or other individual unable to provide self-care.

I applied in California this morning and I will keep you posted as to how it goes.

California allowed independent contractors to apply for unemployment beginning April 28th. I got my application in that day and yesterday I received my first unemployment check. It was actually a debit card. This is taking a lot of stress off not having shows right now. Thank you democrats for including that extra $600 a week in the stimulus package.


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