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We are new to the Art Fair Insiders community, although we have used the site for several years to find shows to apply for.  Our problem is that we're not artists - we represent our cousin's late husband, who painted 200 paintings (in acrylic on canvas) while he had cancer in the last year of his life.  He painted them so that our cousin (who is handicapped and disabled) would be able to sell them to supplement her disability income.  She cannot do the legwork, so we have purchased a tent, a trailer, racks, etc. as a labor of love for her.  We are both retired and live on a fixed income, but we are willing to pay the application & booth fees, and even offer NOT to be juried.  We just want to be allowed to sell his paintings.  We have been denied for more shows than we have been accepted, and it is harder and harder to find a show to participate in, even when we explain our extenuating circumstances!  We've been told that it wouldn't be fair to the other artists exhibiting their work, but we can't believe that they would be so insecure or hard-hearted as to deny us the opportunity to present his work.  We are not trying to take prize money or recognition away from them; we're just trying to give a family member a better life.  We'd love to hear your comments and opinions on how and where to sell his art!  

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Just a comment and question, how many pieces of this work are there? I had never heard of this Artist before this blog, actually I still don't know his name, better known artists would fetch a greater price I'm sure. I believe the auction prices were fair, if sold as a group you might get a higher price, the point is you sell most of them at once no more "peddling". If you go with Ebay again set a reserve. I realize you have a story behind this art but not everybody is going to buy a painting for charitable reasons, in the end it might cost you more to sell these paintings than anyone is willing to pay for them.

 " the end it might cost you more to sell these paintings than anyone is willing to pay for them."  That's a possibility, but we would at least like the opportunity to sell them.  I know, I know... we can sell them any place but an art show.  It's the "rule" - I get it.

BTW, we have 135 original paintings left.

Why would you want to go to the trouble of an Art Show? What were you planning to do after all the paintings were sold?

I don't think you do get it, suppose you made Cuckoo Clocks, made them all your life, spent hours and hours hand carving them, traveling and selling them. One day a booth went up next to yours selling the same Cuckoo clocks, the people selling the Cuckoo Clocks just received them as an inheritance from their Uncle in Germany who had died suddenly. These people didn't have a "place" to keep them, or a castle to hang them in so they wanted to sell them for as much money as they could. Wouldn't you be upset?

What you are basically saying is that the Artists here are being selfish and unreasonable.

Artists put their life into the work they do, then hang it up for criticism or praise from anyone who cares to comment. You can not begrudge the Artists here for their

talent, talent is earned with hard work.

Trust me, you will get a lot more for these paintings and save a lot of your own money by finding a good Auctioneer.

Please don't put words in my mouth.  I never said anything about Artists being "selfish" or "unreasonable," or "begrudge" anyone for their talent or hard work. 


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