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Anyone know if booth 160 for Boca museum show is on the interior or exterior loop?

Anyone know if booth 160 for Boca museum show is on the interior or exterior loop? i have never done the show before and wondering if it is a good or bad location. I heard the interior loop gets way less traffic. Also wondering if it matters if there are any bad locations for ease of set-up? Thanks!


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There are loops now? I thought is was just 2 lines of booths up against the curb facing in to the street on both sides. I bet you mean that area where it curves back to the other side, by the amphitheater.  Call them up and find out.  My booth was always on the other end by the Starbucks. Some years I did well and some years I did poorly.  There was no logic to it.

I misquoted. Art fair source book says it is best to be on the park perimeter and that some areas get far less traffic than others. I am located on the South end fairly close to the center of the fair. I am on the opposite side not where there is an inner and outer loop near the museum store but just where there are 2 rows of booths. Where is the Starbucks to the North or the South? It really does not look like to me that there are any bad locations here. i didn't have the map when I posted this e-mail. How is set-up? Can you drive right to your spot or is there a line-up to get in? I will probably go at 5:30 AM. Also, is it windy there? I am debating whether to bring my easy-up or trimline for the 3 shows I am doing, Boca Museum, Mt. Dora, and Coconut Grove. Thanks for the advice. Hopefully, we are near one another.

Ok, just got Coconut Grove's booth location, booth #4. I am on Mc Farlane fourth booth in from the main entrance and near the main stage (could be loud). As a jeweler, it is never good to be one of the first few people seen because they can't make a decision until seeing everyone. Let me know what you think of my booth location.

You have a good space at Boca. On the other hand, they all are the same.  It's just one street in an elongated U.  I haven't seen the map for the Grove but I think I am still on Bayshore. Booth 64. 

What do you think of my Grove location? What about set-up at Boca and my tent dilemma? Thanks for advising me. Where are you located for Boca?

I'm not doing Boca.  My first Florida show is Ft Myers which is a week later.  Use your Trimline. 

I would set up earlier rather than later at Boca. There is no real organized load-in or load-out and if get there early you can park right by your booth. It can get congested the later you wait. Trimline definitely. Starbucks is on the ocean side of the park (east). You should be in a pretty good spot.

I think the earliest you can start setup at Boca is 2AM.  I did that and it worked out very well.  It gets very congested later on.

Wind can be awful at Boca depending on which side you are on and which way the wind is blowing.  I saw more tents collapse there than any other show I've done.  You are in between two rows of buildings.  The wind comes over one side, hits the other side, and rolls.  Perfect for pulling your top off if it is not well connected to the rest of the tent.  If you have any choice I would not bring an EZup to this show.

Thanks everyone for the opinions. So will I still be able to drive up to my booth location if I get there at 5:30 AM or is that too late? there is no electricity provided what do you do for lighting once it stars getting dark? I will not have a generator or a marine battery with me. Ant suggestions for battery operated lights I can buy?

At the Boca Museum Show there is a side street where booths are, and IMO this area gets much less traffic.  There are also some booths off the main street near the artist parking that didn't seem like a great location.    This year I am very near the Starbucks.  You aren't suppose to start setting up until after 3am.  Last year I showed up at 6am, the official check in time, and I was able to drive up to my booth and unload.   There are many ways in and out so I wouldn't get too worried about set up.   


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