Anyone have the VERIFONE VX-610? Opinions?

I am in the market for a new wireless machine ... Anyone have the VERIFONE VX-610? What are your experiences witth this machine? Please be brutally honest :-). Also, my service is offering it for $859 ... Would you know of a third party, reliable, place where I can buy it for less? Thank you Hugo Cruz

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  • I have it and LOVE it. My service is Teamac and my 610 is on Verizon (I think they usually are?). The battery lasts forever. And, I've never been anywhere that I couldn't get a signal, including the Bellevue Arts Museum Arts Fair parking garage, where my iPhone didn't come close to getting a bar. I paid about what you were quoted. I did find it for less online, but Teamac explained to me that those cheaper ones are stripped down with no accessories, and by the time you get what you need for it (charger, case, etc.) and have it programmed, you won't have saved any money. To confirm this I called the place that was selling them for less, and they seemed to have no idea what they were selling---or didn't want to tell me.

    I love the peace of mind, professional image and tidy desk that come with the wireless unit. Good luck with your purchase!
  • I have been using the Verifone 610 for about 3 months and it has been completely reliable. I have always connected quickly. I have service with Costco and so far I am really pleased. Cheapest I have come across
    • Hey Hamish,

      What are your experiences with Costco? Do you have the "Executive Member Discount"? Also, when you say cheapest you have come across, what kind of deal did they offer you on the Verifone? They are offering me a Verifone VX-610 fopr $859 ... Not much of a sale.

      Please be as descriptive as possible. All pros and cons you have experienced with Costco. Have they been true to their charges? Any surprise charges or matters you had to dispute? is customer support good?

      Thank you .. I hope to get your reply soon .
      • Hi Hugo:

        Been offline.

        I was lucky and signed on when they were able to give me a discount on the machine which I will receive at the end of the first year of service for $349. I have executive membership so the only additional fee I pay each month is $19 cell service to connect. The rate for basic cards is 1.64% and we shall have to wait and see when and if they increase it. So far I am pleased with the service and am paying a whole lot less than Cardservice International, who was atrocious and hit me up with all kind of monthly fees.

        I only used customer support for a couple of early questions when getting set up and since then I have not needed any support because no matter where I have shown the 610 connected quickly and efficiently.

        Hope this helps
  • Yep...make sure you know about those other fees... I had a client making monthly payments on a piece and I had two zip codes for her. I used the wrong one once and in addition to the regular fees I got charged another $10 for a $500 payment because of a non-matching zip code.

    There is an additional charge for anything and everything.

    So keep all this in mind when pricing your work.
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