I'm new here. I'm so glad to have found this place. I'm feeling very overwhelmed. ack! I'm wondering how many of you pack up your artwork at the end of the day.Should I fill my booth walls floor to ceiling with art or keep it minimal (one to two high)? I have some very large pieces and and some small ones.

cash - how much should I have? music - yea or nay? I could keep going...... thanks!

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  • Jeannine, All good questions.  I always leave more space around the higher priced pieces and group the lesser priced pieces together.  You didn't mention your price range, but if it is lower you may need more change.  Higher and and you will have more charges or checks.  I too bring $100 in change.  I usually pack up my larger pieces at night, but also consider the show (security, gated, urban, small town and the weather).  Most jewelers usually pack up everything. You will learn what works for you as you do shows.  Wishing you many sales!

  • Thank you! any tips help! I've only been to art fairs that were more on the crafty side so my perception of them is skewed I think. I have jewelry that I was thinking of selling, but after looking at all your booths on here I'm thinking that may be too crafty. I will report back.

  • Good questions, I will be interested in responses too!

  • Best wishes, Jeannine. I hope you've attended a lot of shows beforehand so you can see best/worst booths and have used this info for yourself. If not, and even if, set up early and get out and take a look at all of the others to see what you can learn.

    Depending on the setting of the show and the weather forecast most artists close their booths securely with all the work inside. If it looks really benign we'd leave everything hanging. If it looks iffy we'd put everything in their boxes and cover it with tarps and anchor it to the tent. See what your neighbors are doing. This is a business where everyone is pretty welcoming and happy to share tips.

    Too many pieces can be overwhelming. Choose your very favorites - or choose the ones that you think will sell. Don't be surprised if you are wrong though. Every show is a new experience and artists who are successful are continually reinventing their display, as well as their work. I'd say no music, or very very quiet as your neighbors may not appreciate it.

    Cash - depending on your price point, maybe a $100. We always rolled the tax into cash purchases eliminating all the small change. 

    Good luck! Report back. I'd love to see a report from you next week "My very first art show and what I learned."

  • Not too crowded so people can concentrate without being distracted. Give each piece room to breathe. Good luck.

    Larry Berman
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