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I've gotten great advice here (got talked out of the walk-in art trailer, but I did buy a trailer for transporting art)... but I like to keep things moving and try to think differently. I recently bought 27 - 48"x60" canvas for $10 each... and I'm thinking about "abandoning" 10 of them. I already practice art abandonment and leave smaller paintings in Ikea, grocery stores and gas stations... but nothing this large. 

So here my plan (talk me out of it or not)... I'm painting ten of these right now, and I plan on leaving them in the median on a major street close to me the last weekend this month. The median is pretty wide and has trees that I can lean the canvases on (and lightly held with bungee cords). Basically turn the median into an art gallery. Each piece is different. I anticipate some will get taken home and some vandalized. Code enforcement is not real active on weekends so I don't think the city will get too involved. I could get fined of course, I guess the charge would be either littering or causing distractions for drivers.

I did abandon five 36x48 pieces in a city park last year for National Art Day, but that got me a letter from the parks department to " please find somewhere else to display your wares".  

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Do you know about painted rocks dropped off randomly?  I am aware of this as I live on a corner, and someone has been dropping off the rocks on top of a large rock at the edge of my yard. My son surprised me by knowing all about this, but his field is mental health, and we all live in North East Ohio.

Here is a little article I found for you to explain:

Yes, I did painted rocks also after my brother committed suicide. Messages like "you'll get past this too" and "Remember those you might leave behind will hurt worse than you do now". I am member of the facebook group ART ABANDONMENT but they mostly feel like I'm a missing the point because of my leaving art inside retail establishments. I think art can be abandoned anywhere, and the more unexpected the place the better. I once left 12 pen and inks all around a Walmart. 

Rick, why do you want to do this?  What is the benefit either to you or to society at large?

I was thinking the same thing.

I have always believed that art is meant to be shared. I get a lot of joy out of painting/drawing, and have no problem donating some of my art to the world. Museums have been closed and no art festivals. I guess this is my way of keeping art in the publics eye... plus I'd like to think that a few people will be thrilled to be able to get some free art for their walls, and some will just have a better drive as they see unexpected art at every light. Think of it as an artist performance. 

I fall into the category of people that also believe that EVERY good thing I do (a mitzvah) should be done anonymously, so these will probably be signed as Anonimnyy (russian for annon). You guys must not have a history of doing random acts )

Rick, I am not sure that putting your art in unconventional places is a mitzvah.  Very likely it is an extra burden on your community's sanitation workers who will be hauling it to a dump. 

Our appreciation of art is significantly based on context.  I was once told a story about Joshua Bell, the famous concert violinist.  He decided to busk in the New York City subway, and hardly anyone stopped to listen.  My guess is that a good art forger could get a lot more money for a cubist painting if he signed it Picasso than if he signed it Braque.  So art that would get respect on a wall will be less likely to get it in a place where no one expects to see it.

Since you want to give your art away, I suggest you call up local food pantries and ask if they would be interested in displaying your work, and giving it to their clients.  It will get much more respect on a wall than on a city street median. 

As for anonymity, that too is a matter of context.  Grateful people want to express their gratitude.  Helping them anonymously deprives them of the opportunity to do so.

Same here. On the street could be a really bad idea. If there is a crash because of a distracted driver, you might be liable in some way.

wouldn't the same be true for yard sale signs, houses for sale signs, credit repair, etc? I did think about this though. I've picked out 8 spots that are on straightaways and three lanes each side. My son thinks its better at stoplights, I think halfway in between lights near a turnaround. 

Nice, a selfless and heartfelt project!

I was in Goodwill one day looking through the housewares when I spotted a beautiful tray and said, Oh, I love... oh, wait, that's mine.  Some work goes to them.  I tried putting pieces in the alley, but the high schoolers just broke them to pieces and I had a big mess to clean up.

Peggy has good points. We artists work hard to get into the best shows so that the people who see our work will appreciate it. We know that only a select few have a desire to own our pieces, and that is even speaking about successful artists.  In that perspective, leaving artwork at Walmart doesn't seem like having much respect for your work.  There is a good chance that NO ONE who happens upon it will even like it. 

I think that you should ask yourself a few questions so that you can pin down exactly what you wish to accomplish, then go from there.

That's true.  People don't even like it, which baffles me.  At lower end shows, I'd hear comments about my work like you could get it cheaper at Target, and the like.  The pieces I give to Goodwill are not salable, or they're ideas that didn't work out so well and I'm tired of carting them from show to show.  If it's good work but broke or something, it's hanging on my fence in the back yard.  Hey, I like my work.


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