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took another shot today before the next snowstorm...ugghhh

got rid of some work and some wrinkles..

added various heights with small pedestals.

Any tips? 

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And have everything facing the camera instead of into the booth. The camera is the jurors point of view.

Larry Berman


Do you think the wrinkles left in new shot will come up at jury?

Also, There are two sculptures in the back left that are not dogs...they are kind of like animals.  Will the jury notice?  Could it be a deciding factor in late rounds? 

Thanks, Steve

Other than Larry's advice and the wrinkles, which are going to be nearly impossible to eliminate in that type of fabric if you're on the road (unless you like to iron every week), the booth looks great.  If I was walking by I'd take notice and probably pay you a visit.

I like mostly what I see in this booth shot. I'm not very much into the burlap coverings, or whatever they are. I like the color of the back corner pedestals. As if you didn't have anything else to do, I'd ditch the fabric and replace it with whatever rigid material could be painted the color of those back pedestals. I dunno. That may just be a waste of your time, too. And once you did that and then looked at the result, it might not be all it's cracked up to be. I might crop out half the floor which will also crop out part of the table coverings. But that makes your image more horizontal.


I don't mind the booth as it is, either. I like it. I'm not sure I understand Larry's point about having everything facing the camera, or juror's point of view since I do see some of the dogs facing the camera. Those that aren't show their bodies better, so I don't know why they would need to be facing the camera. Larry?

Let me be more specific. Obviously if the side view is the best feature, have it turned that way.

Also you have pieces overlapping from the camera angle. The first two dogs on the left hand side are overlapping with extra space available on either side of them. Spread them out a little so they don't touch when looking through the camera. It's on a tripod, right? Then the last two on the left are overlapping also. Spread them apart.

Larry Berman


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