An obscure warning

Some local distilleries are make sanitizing spray to help with the cause.  My husband's job got some.  He sprayed his gloves and went to light his cigar and caught his gloves on fire. 

Be careful.

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  • Well, Alison! What a development. Thanks for the warning.

  • Such a strange "obscure" warning. Since alcohol evaporates so quickly, how in the world did the gloves catch fire due to the presence of alcohol?

    Wyoming Whiskey here in my little town of Kirby, Wyoming, population 92, has recently supplied grain alcohol to sanitizer manufacturers as well. Cigars and whisky go together, but maybe not cigars and hand sanitizer. What a bizarre story.

  • Many sanitizers use alcohol as part of their mixture. Spraying on your gloves and lighting a cigar? Not me...

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