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Hi guys I got into the Marion art festival. But then I realized Its only a one day show. I live in Atlanta but would be at another show closer to it the weekend before. I can only find one review thats recent. Its from a part timer who has a full time job. So i cant gage much from that as a good show to hee sounded like a not so great show to me a full timer with lots of overhead. Anyone done this show recently and would you suggest it even at a one day show? Thanks for any advice. Its only 55 artists and around 15,000+ crowd from what I could find.

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Also do they really not allow any prints?

I don't really bother with any one day shows.

It takes too long to set up and breakdown my booth. Also if you have a rain day etc, no chance to recoup. With a  multiday show you have a chance to recoup.

Your reasoning is exactly the reason we gave up 1 day shows.  It is also one of the main reasons we went with a permanent booth in a store ...

* Protected from weather

* Set up fixtures once

* Rearrange & add new items as needed, usually on days not open to the public

* Open multiple days per month, including the weekend

* "Community support" from others selling in the same store

From what I know this is a stellar show. But you have good reason because of travel to maybe not attend. Marirosa, type "Marion art festival"  in the Search box up in the upper right hand corner for some discussions and review, including an artist who was there last year.


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