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Fresh from my first - exhausting - art fair, I'm looking ahead to a couple more this summer. Meanwhile, I need to store my large prints.  

These are all photographs, some quite large pieces mounted on aluminum (40 X 22), and many lighter pieces mounted on gatorfoam (30 X 20).  The gator pieces can't be stored on their sides, which means they are currently (gently) piled 3-4 high on a large desk.  What I really need is something like this system (shown below),

I've looked around, and am amazed at how expensive these simple flat filing systems are.  Safco, which seems to have the field all to itself, charges an arm and a leg.  I'm guessing that someone here has solved this problem already.  Humble me with your wisdom!



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Try searching for a used horizontal file system used to store drawings. The architectural industry has been migrating from hard copy originals to electronic versions in AutoCadd. They are heavy units, so it would only be used at your office. They are to large & heavy to consider for trade show.

I went with metal shelves in my art room, AmazonBasics five shelf unit was about 50 dollars. I save all my boxes that my prints are shipped in, and use them to store several pictures in each and then stack them on the shelves. Wrapping them in bubble wrap or plastic bags and placing so no backing hardware is up against the front of another picture and I have had no issues with damage. That also facilitates moving them when I do a show, just pick up the boxes and put them into the van and done. Much more cost effective than a big storage unit that will take up floor space, and it allows total flexibility with storage for various sizes of prints. The shelves are also great for storing all the other things that go to the show with me, and you are recycling!  


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