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Hi..My name is Dennis Dodson and I am a retired high school art teacher who loves
to paint..My studio/home is about 45 miles north of Detroit..I have been doing Art Fairs
for 4 years now and it has been a great experience...My only real concern is finding
the right audience for my contemporary work so I'm glad to have found this website
So we can compare notes...

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Hi Dennis, Welcome to Art Fair Insiders.  I viewed your site and very much enjoyed looking at your paintings.  I love your use of color.  Of course purple is my favorite so your purple painting really caught my eye.  You have found a great place here to gain all kinds of interesting and wonderful information and feedback.  It is also a great place to make new friends.  So happy you have joined us here.  Looking forward to hearing about some of your experiences with shows.  Take care,


Hi Sabrina

I am happy to have to have found this site and am sharing it with other artist friends...looks like a
great place to hear whats going on in the crazy art world...Thanks for your reply and I look forward
to sharing "show"adventures.


Hi Dennis, you have nice use of color in your paintings.  Those 2 that are hanging in your daughter's office, do you usually sell them as a set?

It seems to me that there is always a mix of types of paintings at Art Shows.  I would think your work would do well just abot anywhere.  Don't the people who are interested in your paintings come into your booth.  The non-interested ones walk past.  As long as people are coming into your booth, those are the ones you want anyway. 


Do you feel like at the shows you have done that you don't have the right people there for your work?


Jacki B

Hi Jackie

I sell all my work individually or in sets....You are absolutely right about the interested people come
In to my booth....but there are to many shows where if you can't eat it or it cost more than $20....
people aren't buying....and yet these shows are being touted as "Fine Arts " shows..I just wish
we had a better way of categorizing the shows...There is a place for all kinds of shows...And
people can sell what they want but as an artist...I would like to believe in a show before I invest
all my time and money i...and I believe this can accomplished if artists would take the time to
honestly evaluate their shows on a site like this one...Don't get me wrong..I've done very well
at some shows but others have been total mistakes....Or is this just normal?

Everyone wants to know how to find the ideal audience (buyers?) for your work. I can understand the need for this information. It is a good platform to find the right audience for your artwork. If someone like Indian artwork then they are not interested to buy other kinds of artwork. So, it is really important to find a niche audience to sell artwork.


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