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6 ProPanels cable hangers with double grips, color silver for sale.

Hangers are in excellent condition. Each 48" hanger, with single grip, sells new on the ProPanels site for $14 + $7 for the second grip for a total of $21 ($126 for 6 from ProPanels) (

I will sell each hanger with double grips for $15... a total of $90 plus shipping for all 6. These are lightweight, shipping should be inexpensive. 

Leo Charette


charetteL (at) yahoo (dot) com

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Hey Leo, I've heard good things about the show you run.

Wow, it has been a while since we've seen each other... was it Krasl or Ann Arbor... gad, it's been a while. From another thread, it sounds like you're doing well. You got into some great shows this year.

Thank you for the kind words about An Occasion for the Arts. I have very much enjoyed working with artists from the promoter side of a show. Nice to be able to implement objectives that are important to artists. Cheers and stay well. I hope to see you down the road. 

Hi Leo,

Are these still available? I'm interested if so.  I also live in Yo town so no shipping would be needed! 


Sharon Dombrowski


The cable hangers are available. My contact information is in the 1st post. Send me an email or call.

-- Leo 


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