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6 LED Lights -13watts usage each - What Marine Battery & Inverter


I tried to read through the old threads and it got very, very detailed.  I just bought my lights from Pro Panel here in Dallas area and I'm trying to power this set-up for 8-hours via Marine Battery & Inverter.

6 LED Lights -13watts usage each which is 78watts total - What "specs" of Marine Battery & Inverter should I look for?

Any help is appreciated.  Thanks

Gerome Bonner

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Instead of just giving one answer, which will not help, in the long run. You might change setups etc.

Give the man a loaf - he eats for a day.

Teach him to fish - he can feed himself.

Therefore I give you this.


To find the Power (P)

[ P = V x I ]      P (watts) = V (volts) x I (amps)


[ P = V2 ÷ R ]      P (watts) = V2 (volts) ÷ R (Ω)


[ P = I2 x R ]      P (watts) = I2 (amps) x R (Ω)

I hope this helps.

Furthermore if the battery is an SLA , GEL or AGM you will want double the AH rating as an Li battery.

This is assuming you are running 12VDC.

However as you are using an inverter, than you are likely running the lights as 117VAC.

So conversion from Battery ( 12VDC) to Inverter (117VAC) then into lighting system (117VAC) then the bulbs / fixtures converting back to what the LED uses (12VDC) is  lot of conversions hence inefficiency. Depends on the quality of the inverter as to the efficiency. There will be loss.

Purchasing the lights from Pro Panels they should have advised you.

If you can run native 12VDC the entire run, that would be more efficient, hence less power needed.

With all this being said, if you don't have any loss, then you will draw approx. 6.5 Amps.

If you run the lights for a 10 hour day: 6.5 x 10 = 65amps.

That would need a 130AH (amp hour) rated 12VDC deep cycle marine battery.

Larry, thank you so much.  This is awesome and I can now calculate all future needs.  Very good information.


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