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This is still going on, art festivals dropping like flies. The most optimistic of them are rescheduling later in the year. I invite you to share here any events that you hear about. Good news is welcome also.

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  • La Quinta, CA - rescheduled Celebration to November 11-14, 2021. The state and county could not confirm our March 2021 event modifications due to the COVID pandemic. Learn more.

  • Morgan Hill (CA) Mushroom Mardi Gras Festival – Memorial Weekend - cancelled

  • For the second year in a row, the Broad Ripple Art Fair won’t be celebrating its 50th anniversary. The Indianapolis Art Center announced that it had “made the difficult decision” to cancel the 2021 event “due to the uncertainties related to the ongoing COVID pandemic.” The event had been scheduled to run May 15-16. Learn more.

  • Fairhope, ALthe Fairhope Arts and Crafts Festival scheduled for March 19 – 21, 2021, as planned. The Festival, and all events surrounding it, will be rescheduled to April 30, May 1, and May 2, 2021. Learn more.

  • The Winter Park Sidewalk Festival (FL) 62nd annual event will take place May 14-16 in downtown Winter Park. There will also be a virtual festival in March, which is when the event is typically held. Learn more.

  • The Smoky Hill River Festival in Kansas, usually in mid-June: After consultation with City of Salina staff and officials, Salina Arts & Humanities (SAH) has announced the rescheduling of the Smoky Hill River Festival to  Sept. 2-5, 2021. Learn more.

  • The Northern Virginia Art Festival (Reston) has rescheduled from their May date to Sept. 10-12. Apply.

   To me the whole situation is lunacy. Open air art shows are being cancelled (due to inability to receive the OK from the authorities) in places where bars, restaurants, movie theatres etc. are open for business. Between you and me I would rather be walking around an art show in the fresh air than sitting in a bar breathing my neighbors exhalations. The other situation is that it is all fine and dandy to reschedule shows for later this year but it creates a logjam of shows on the same dates. It now seems I have multiple shows on the same dates in September/October. 

   I recently did Mt. Dora - booths 15 feet apart, masks on everyone (artists and customers) plenty of wipes, hand wash and sprays, and the final touch, a "concierge" at the porta potties that cleaned and sanitized the facilities between users. I have never been so spoiled in my life. Well done Mt. Dora!!!

Very cool! Good for them. How were the sales? attendance? they certainly couldn't gate that entire, could they?

The State of Florida allows local jurisdictions to police events which makes it a little easier to host them. 

  • Guilford (CT) Craft Expo - cancelled

You might find this interesting, from an email I received from the director of the Guilford Art Center:
"Craft Expo is a large event, with 180 exhibitors and 7,000 visitors, so we need to plan far in advance. It is our non-profit art center's single largest fundraiser. Without the surety that the event will run at full capacity, with all artists willing to participate and a full audience expected, we will lose money on planning and on contractual obligations, including for the event's dedicated staff position. Since there is still great uncertainty that large gatherings will be allowed to take place in the northeast this summer, we cannot, as a non-profit organization, take the risk to "hope" that all will be well by that time." 

  • The Columbus (OH) Arts Festival has been canceled for 2021.

The Greater Columbus Arts Council, organizer of the festival, the organization noted there is “too much uncertainty” in terms of the pandemic and hosting events.... “Given the logistics and work involved in producing the Columbus Arts Festival, we had to make a decision sooner rather than later. Please know that we have discussed and investigated other options—from moving the date to scaling down." Artists who have held a spot at the festival for 2021 will be refunded their fees. Learn more.

I only pay attention to shows I am either juried into, or wait listed

- Scottsdale, Arizona cancelled, March 12-14

- As of today, Carefree, Arizona still on, same weekend

- As of today, Woodlands (Houston) still on 4/10

- As of today, Denver Arts Festival still on 5/29

- As of today, Ann arbor still on 7/15

- As of today, Geneva, Il still on 7/24

- fountain hills, Arizona, 2/26 cancelled

- Madison, WI art museum, Art on the Square, TBD

- Main Street FT worth, cancelled

- Old Town Chicago, 6/1, as of today still on

- Kimball Park City, Utah, 8/6? still on as of today

- Salem Oregon 7/16 online only

- Tempe Az 3/26 cancelled

- Omaha NE 6/4 cancelled

- Bellevue Art Museum BAM 7/23 cancelled

- and as Bonnie Mentioned, La Quinta rescheduled

Haven't done a show now since La Quinta, first weekend of March, 2020, not counting practice setup/teardown at Scottsdale the next weekend.

I am still keeping a spreadsheet of schedules, show applications etc, but it has been discouraging, so a few weeks ago I decided to just throw my hands up, and I will do a show when there is a show to do.  I am finding hard to get excited about a show, when there is a high probability that it won't happen. Oh well, can't do much about it except wait it out, in the meantime I am designing some new designs, and working in one of my other mediums (gem cutting)

Thanks for this good list, Mark. Well, I guess mostly not "thanks", too much bad news. I'm hoping for your sake that you will get to do some shows this year! I remember you tried so hard last year. 

Thanks Connie, and thank you for your memory. Had a nice slate of shows booked for 2020, my best yet, and it went out the window.

That is how it goes. May this and next year be better

Here's some GOOD news!

Art Spectacular at the Carillon - 9/11-12/2021 - Springfield, IL ...  is ON!

It's held outside in beautiful Washington Park Botanical Gardens.

It was also held in 2020 with CDC regulations and was successful.

We are planning a regular art fair with 'normal' extras in 2021, but if it becomes Covid necessary we will drop the 'normal' extras and have a 'pure' art fair (as last year).  We've extended the application deadline to 5/31/2021.  Application is at with all the details! 

At this time we have only one show on the books for this year and it's still on.

Vintage Market Days of Southeast Louisiana

Amite, La

March 12-14, 2021

We purposely did not apply to others for various reasons.  Mostly those reasons include covid issues (cancellations, rescheduling, etc.), the economy, dh's health issues.  We decided to keep this one because it's been a good show in the past.  The promoters are excellent when it comes to putting on a show, communication is top shelf before and during the show, great at not having too many duplications, etc.  They and the local Chamber and tourism office put on an appreciation banquet for the vendors (their word not mine) on Friday night.  It is quite a spread ... fried catfish, white beans and rice, rice dressing, salad, dessert, and other selections I cannot remember!  If you go away hungry it's your own fault!  LOL

What burns my barnacles is that I did not apply to the La Quinta Celebration because it was scheduled for its regular time, March. THEN, after the deadline, they changed the dates to November - well, I would have applied if it was slated for November in the first place, so, by not applying to the show that was advertised for March, I am now unable to apply to the new date of November, because, they already picked their artists and their wait list artists for their March show.  I emailed them to see if there were any chances of applying, thinking that there must be a bunch of artists that could not make the November show, but alas, nope.  Oh well, another year maybe.

Well, the next one after November is March 2022, just a few month after November, so apply for that one. 

And here we go with another good event cancelling: Gum Tree Festival in Mississippi,


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