Im selling my entire show set up. I am located in Northern California.

1-38.5 Print Bin
2-38.5 Quick Bins
14-38.5 x 7 Oatmeal Panels
3-30 x 7 Oatmeal
1- Desk

KD Panels
11 38.5 x 20 Panel extensions
3 30 x 20 Panel Extensions
67 Hanger

Extra straight hanger extensions,Braces,Corner Braces, T Braces,Support Bar,Triple Support Bar,Light bar Adapters,Sets of Light Hangers,Velcro Hangers,1 10 x10 Tents


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  • Hi, do you have photos? Where in Northern California are you located? I'm in Los Angeles.

    • Hi, I'll send you a link with some photos, I forgot to add them to the listing, we're in bay area 

      • That would be great! My email is!


This reply was deleted.