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10X1O 8 FT STANDARD TRIMLINE CANOPY TENT        $900.00  $750

3 solid wall panels plus 1 door panel, lower stabars, door frame

WEIGHTS        $60.00

4” PVC  with concrete , app 40#/ea

PROPANELS          $900.00   SOLD

9 propanels, 7 ft, dark grey with telescoping leg extensions (add 12” to height)

assorted hangers, cable and Harmon Hooks

assorted stiffeners, support bars, and canopy frame hooks, matching bottom skirts

All items in great condition. Located near Nashville, TN


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Also includes a cart for the Propanels.

HI Bruce,

I live in Nashville, TN and am interested in your panels but I have a few questions and caveats. I am new to the festival scene, and was just waitlisted/pending acceptance to the Asheville show but they need a professional booth shot with pro panels by tomorrow, Yikes. I have never done a show and therefore do not have a booth to take the pictures to get accepted. I have a wagon car and am actually looking for Armstrong stackable panels that are smaller than yours so that we can take my daughter and stuff in one car. I see that yours are the full 7 foot length...which is ALMOST what I need. The problem is that I may be doing some local shows where I can use the larger ones like yours in the future, but do not need to purchase that size as of now. Is it possible that I could come pick yours up, rent yours for the day, last minute I know, for tomorrow to set up and take a booth shot, and then I'll know if I want to buy them? I can pay for a day rental.

Do you have a photo of the booth set up?

Where do you live exactly? I am off West End and 440.

Please email me at

Thank you!

Kymberlee Stanley

did you sell the propane's yet?

I still have then Chris.

Awesome,,, Is there a number to reach you?  I am willing to drive there to come get them.. I live in Wilmington NC on the coast..  If you have paypal.. I will also be willing to send you a deposit if they are in good shape... Love to talk to you about them over the phone...  


Are the pro panels still available?
The Propanels have been sold.

Is the canopy white, or do you have a photo; and would you be willing to ship?

The canopy is white. I can ship if you make the arrangements. I am willing to crate it up.

For those interested in the Canopy.. I saw it,, he takes very good care of all his show stuff,,, I purchased the Pro-Panels,, Had I needed a tent I would have purchased his without hesitation..

Let me look into it. Thank you!


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