10x10x7' (L x W x H) Flourish Trimline Canopy - Professional-grade art show tent.  Barely 3 years old, and in excellent condition.  It was purchased in January 2020, but all art shows were cancelled that year, so it was never used until June of 2021.  It includes all the components for the four walls, the roof, as well as three mesh panels for displaying artwork.  It also comes with three Stabars for added support.  I will also include 8 custom pvc tent weights, as well as a set of 4 ratcheting straps to secure the weights to the canopy.  The weights are about 28 lbs each, 2 for each corner, giving you around 55 lbs of weight at each corner support (most shows require 30-40 lbs at each corner support).  Also included are two custom carrying bags for the walls and mesh display panels.  These make transport and set up a lot easier.  There are even more items included in this package that I have listed below.  And I have included a link to the manufacturer's website for more detailed information about the product.  https://www.flourishdisplays.com/trimline_features

Contact mikeoshellphoto@gmail.com

I purchased all the poles, StaBar kit, four walls, roof, three mesh panels (and hooks), two carrying cases and four large straphanger hooks brand new for $1,880.  For the $1,250 price I am also including all the custom canopy weights and ratcheting straps.  It is everything you need for a heavy-duty, rain-proof art show canopy and display system set up.


$1,250 includes (see photos):

All support poles

4 walls


3 Mesh Display Panels

2 Custom Transportation Bags

Qty 8, 28 lb Custom Weights

4 Ratcheting Straps

4 Corner Ground Stakes

2 Heavy-Duty Anchor Stakes

4 Large Straphanger Hooks (for hanging artwork)

A Few Dozen S-Hooks (for hanging artwork)

More than enough strong bungie ties to secure all of the poles during transport


I also have additional art show display items for sale that are not included in the $1,250 (see photos):

- A set of 8 plug-in display lights that have only been used once.  See the link below for more details - $120.00


- Artwork display bin that fits prints around 20" wide - $30

- Artwork display bin that fits prints around 30" wide - $50

- A set of 3 wood crates that are perfect for prints up to around 15" wide (11x14" prints in bin in photo) - $30

- 72x30x30" (L x W x H) foldable black table, with black spandex cover (there is a rip one the cover where one of the table feet fits in, but it still works and holds on the table foot).  A link to the table cover and what it looks like around the table is below. - $50



I am located in Smithfield, VA, and will travel up to 1 hour away for delivery if necessary.  Cash or PayPal INSTANT Transfer ONLY.


The canopy will be sold in the package described above only.  I will not sell any individual pieces of he canopy.



Contact mikeoshellphoto@gmail.com

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