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Newbie here, did a search but can't find an answer to my question.

I have a 10x10 set-up right now, done a couple shows, but looking at applying to some shows that have 12x12 ft. spaces. Do people have tents and set-ups for both sizes or do you just put up your 10x in the 12x space? I can't afford both, so don't want to apply to those shows if it requires a new set-up. I do large-ish paintings, if I do upgrade should I just go to a double set-up?  Thanks.


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The 12x12 space at a show just means that you will have space between you and your neighbors.  Use your current set up.  Good luck.

Thanks Jeri, makes more sense...appreciate your reply...

That is what we've done, just used our 10x10 set up in the larger space.  We usually move the set up to the front side, leaving space behind us to stage back stock or supplies.

Same here!
The extra space is always nice

No need for a different set-up.  This is bonus space for you and your neighbors - give thanks that the show organizers were so thoughtful as to lay out the show this way!

p.s.  I've been to some very expensive shows (Sausalito for example), who don't give you an extra inch beyond the 10 x 10.


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