While doing some computer work today I came across this list.  It is a guide to help the art patrons who are shopping at the art shows that most of you are doing.  It is a concise list of ten things customers should keep in mind when they are shopping around for the perfect piece of art for a specific room in their home or office.  I just thought I would pass this on to you all in case you have been looking for some information to have on hand with you at shows.  I found this on the Webster Community Arts Foundation website and the art show they refer to in several of their tips is the Art & Air.  You might want to change it up to remove that.

I thought this was a good list and it might be helpful.


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  • I thought this might be a handy list to have on hand at shows.  It looked like something worth passing on.

  • Some good tips on that list. I like reading this kinda material since I like to see what customers might be thinking.


    Alan Bamberger has been writing about this subject for a long time. He published a book called BUY ART SMART. Bamberger has a great website devoted to the business of art called artbusiness dot com as well.

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