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US Weight launched into the canopy weight business with artist Jim Eaton's canopy weight - the Eaton. Since then, the company has transformed the Eaton with knowledge and solutions from Jim to expand its line of canopy weights to the Tailgater and the Ingot weights.

The Tailgater's unique design allows artists to customize the amount of weight per leg required for their canopy. With no-pinch interlocking grooves on every weight, stack the tailgaters until they reach a desired amount of weight.

The Ingot, known as the Swiss army knife of canopy weights, takes versatility to the next level. Hang these 15 lb. weights with our C-hooks or secure the weights to the canopy poles using the interlocking design and included Velcro straps.

Windblown canopies are the number 1 cause of property loss and injury at outdoor events where canopies are widely used. US Weight is here to help! Protect your customers and art at the next festival with these professionally designed weights.

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A straight line storm last weekend in St. Louis, at the Schafly Bottleworks (Schafly's Art Outside Festival), closed down the art fair. If you are new to this business, please read and take heed. I attend festivals regularly and see tents with no weights. Granted, no weights could have prevented the damage at this event. A GoFundMe campaign has been set up to help the artists who lost art and equipment.

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