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Looking for Weights? Special discount offer for our subscribers

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US Weight launched into the canopy weight business with artist Jim Eaton's canopy weight - the Eaton. Since then, the company has transformed the Eaton with knowledge and solutions from Jim to expand its line of canopy weights to the Tailgater and the Ingot weights.



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CALL FOR ARTISTS - 2018 Michigan Great Artist Competition is Open for Entry

Artists from 8 southeast Michigan counties have the chance to strut their stuff as the MI Great Artist online art competition kicks into gear. Cash and prizes total more than $16,000. Sponsored by Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson.

Enter now right here:…


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Next Podcast: From Clothesline Art to Beloved Tradition

MONDAY - AUGUST 6, 6 PM ET - An Art Fair Story

Ready for a great story? Then you'll love this podcast. Details: The StJames Court Art Show (Oct. 5-7, 2018) began five decades ago…


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SMASH Fine Art Festival (Denver) - 3 days to deadline

August 18 & 19

Denver, Colorado
25 Artists
Deadline: July…

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Prizewinners at Madison and Cherry Creek 2018

July brings the BIG shows and if you're not doing an art fair this month (especially if you live in the heart of the country) you probably aren't too serious about this business. (Just my opinion).

Photo by Miles Glynn, Best of Show at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival…


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How You Get to be Chosen to be in the Cherry Creek Arts Festival

What a great article this is from in Denver.

Did you know only 260 of the 2,138 artists who applied to the 2018 Cherry Creek Arts Festival were chosen to be a part of one of the most competitive juried art shows in the US? Did you think they were just picking on you! Or maybe you are one of "the chosen". 

Read the article: …


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Do you have some good images we can use?

Looking for Images for our Websites

We are finally rebuilding our websites:…

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Call for Artists: 5th Beaches Art Festival


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Safety and Security at Art Fairs

This past weekend Trenton, New Jersey, hosted "Art All Night", intended to bring the community together. In the midst of it a gunfire broke out.

Organizers canceled the remainder of the event, billed as "24 hours of community, creativity and inspiration."

The festival typically draws more than 30,000 visitors to view work from more than 1,500 artists as well as exhibitions of glass blowing and woodwork, The Trentonian reported on its website. About 50 bands also play on three…


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Whoops! Sorry for all the ads today

When you got your  art fair news email from on Monday morning it was FULL of ads. Our apologies to you.…


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Last Call: Gold Coast Art Fair - Chicago

June 16 & 17


Limited Space…


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Be Prepared - even if you are not a Boy Scout


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Pledge Drive Winners - 2018

Many, many thanks for all the pledges. This was one of our most successful pledge drives so far. I appreciate your generosity, some of you for many, many years. The art fair business thrives under its community umbrella. Sharing with one another enriches everyone. 

Here are the names drawn today in the order in which they were…


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Next Podcast: Drawing for the Pledge Drive Prizes


You support our websites with your donations and we really appreciate it. We couldn't do it without you. Listen as Connie Mettler, host of and and an art fair "celebrity", photography guru,…


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20 things That Every Artist Needs

  1. 2 - $300 gift certificates from
  2. 2 - $300 gift certificates from
  3. 12 free booth spaces:…

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4 "How To" Prizes: Organize an art fair, market your art, sell your work, bring buyers back

Here are 4 more prizes available in our pledge drive - helpful guides, lessons, workbooks and statistics distilled from years of experience of show organizers, artists, teachers and marketers: 

1. The How to Organize & Host a Community Arts Festival Guide- 80 pages …


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Shameless pitch, but doing it anyway

Just a few days left to contribute to our 9th Pledge Drive. All contributions will have their name entered in to the drawing on May 31, 6 pm ET. How do you like these prizes?

1.  Echo
 - (2nd Generation)…


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2 Posts Worth Reading: Booth Shot Examples and What I Heard at the Art Fair

Here are two popular discussions from our archives:

Shannon Blosser wants to know about booth shots:

As a relative newcomer, I still have tons of questions about every little thing I might do. It occurred to me, after seeing this category, that it would have been a giant help to me to just see examples of working artists' booths in one place, instead of searching around for information. I'm starting the thread by showing mine, and I hope others will add theirs. It…


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Post Worth Reading: Some Thoughts on Shows

Reposting this for your edification ... and because I liked it, from member Jeff Owen:

Before the show:
•Eat a good breakfast.
•Pick up some flowers for your booth (your gallery).
•Keep your space clean – sweep and dust.
•Price everything clearly.
•Say good morning to your neighbors.

During the show:
•Smile all day.
•Never sit in or around your booth.
•Don’t use your…

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Next Podcast: My First Art Fair, a Zero or a Hero - Part II


In the beginning art fairs were created and artists and art buyers flocked to attend. You were one of them. Your mother and your friends thought your work was wonderful and maybe they were right, so off you went to the marketplace.…


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