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Top Members this Week

Here are the people who really make this network rock!


Many thanks to all of them for sharing ideas and information, asking questions, posting show reviews, showing us their artwork and making us laugh.


We'd have nothing without them.

Top Members 

1 Connie Mettler

Connie Mettler

Michigan, United States

2 Chau Nguyen

Chau Nguyen

Livingston, MT, United States

3 Nels Johnson

Nels Johnson

Tampa, FL, United States

4 Hal Moran

Hal Moran

Saint Charles, MO, United States

5 Craig Roderick and Sara Beck

Craig Roderick and Sara Beck

Jasper, AL, United States

6 David S. Hoornstra

David S. Hoornstra

Ann Arbor, MI, United States

7 Richard L. Sherer

Richard L. Sherer

Franktown, CO, United States

8 Chris van atta

Chris van atta

Jacksonville, NC, United States

9 Susan Semenick

Susan Semenick

Riga, MI, United States

10 Kathleen V. Smith

Kathleen V. Smith

Chicago, Illinois, United States Minor Outlying Islands

11 James Richardson

James Richardson

Oakland, TN, United States

12 Jim powrie

Jim powrie

Rochester, MI, United States

13 Kathleen Gaffey

Kathleen Gaffey

Glen Ellyn, IL, United States

14 Stephanie swift

Stephanie swift

Salt Lake City, UT, United States

15 Tammie T Everly

Tammie T Everly

Chesapeake, VA, United States

16 Greg Vaughn

Greg Vaughn

Atlanta, GA, United States

17 Christina L. Towell

Christina L. Towell

Ferndale, MI, United States

18 Rick Ellis

Rick Ellis

Easton, MD, United States

19 Larry Sohn

Larry Sohn

Scotch Plains, NJ, United States

20 johnnie dobson

johnnie dobson

Rome, GA, United States

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Top 10 Reviewers on for February

1. Elizabeth Ellingson

2. Robert Johnson

3. Derek Collins

4. Karen Kurta

5. Dar Schafer

6. Marv Poulson

7. Stacy Kleymann

8. BJ Mackie

9. Marilyn Grennell

10. Megan Peterson

Thanks to these folks for sharing their reviews on!

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