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I have decided to purchase mesh panels for my photography booth. I now need to decide on a color. I'm leaning towards a dark color to bring out the vibrancy of my work. Will the darker colors create an oven effect in the summer? Do the lighter colors appear dirty after a few shows? I look forward to your suggestions and opinions.

Thank you!

Bob Hundt


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I went with white because of the backlight issue. With the white canopy walls behind the white panels it looks more like a solid white. I had tried gray but the backlight was more noticeable.

Larry Berman

Thanks for your input Larry!
Have you heard anyone commenting if the darker colors tend to heat up the booth in the summertime?

I bought white mesh panels but attached black fabric to all interior and the 2 exterior side walls. I saw my sales increase and patrons continue to say my colors "pop." I've had the fabric on the walls for about 5 years now. The booth is a bit toasty when the temperature rises but I doubt it's because of the black fabric. I cool my booth with two strong, battery powered fans which mitigates the temperature inside the booth.

Thank you Stewart! I have always thought myself that exhibitor's work stands out more with darker colors.

I only thought that they had black or white?  

Go black,
You'll never go back. :-)

I use the black ones.
Some of the benefits:
Unlike the white ones, the black ones have a double wall, the inside being mesh, the outside being smoother fabric. This cuts down on the light coming through the walls.
You can hang works on both sides of the wall the mesh side with their hooks his suicide with drapery hooks.
I tend to close my outside side walls when I'm not using both sides of the wall this controls the light even more.
Despite what we would think with the black material absorbing the sunlight, due to the type of coding on my tent my boots is cooler inside than out on a hot day.
The black mesh cuts down on outside light, some might see that as a CON. I see it as a PRO as I Supply my own lighting inside and this way I can control the light.
The Black Walls really show off the prints much better than the white walls for my type of Art.


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