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Wanted to Buy- Pro Panels (Portland/Pacific Northwest)

Hi, I'm looking for a full propanel setup in the Oatmeal color. I would like 7' tall panels with the telescoping legs. Any bins/shelves would be welcome too. 

I am open to the medium grey as well (since I already have 7 of those panels). I am also open to paying for shipping if you live somewhere other than the Pacific Northwest. 



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Some panels for sale on craigslist: (not mine)

Hi Monica, Thanks for posting this. I had been in contact with that person before. Their post doesn't really add up unfortunately. They are selling 7 panels for $154 per panel (without telescoping legs) so they are wanting more than the panels cost new ($120 per panel). So the math is kind of weird. And then they said that the color is "tan" which I think is the Buff color which is a little dark compared to the Oatmeal. 

Let me know if you happen to see anything else near Seattle. I don't mind driving up to get 'em! : )

Hi Lee,

Are you still looking for Oatmeal colored pro Pro-Panels? I have complete system including lights for 20' booth. All new or like new. Located one hour north of Portland. All stored in a heated and dry room.


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