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Looking for a set of Mesh Walls and Staybars for an EZ-Up - thanks, Mike

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We have a used set of mesh walls and Sta-bars made by Flourish. In good condition. Was used with EZ-Up style tent. They are located in Nashville. Have to check with partner on price, but willing to deal.

Very interested Lee - two questions, what color walls and would you be prepared to ship? Obviously I would pay shipping. You can email me directly

Thanks for the response, Mike

A hectic few days. Heading back to Nashville today (in I'm Florida now). Will get back with you via email soon.

Thanks Lee, safe trip. Look forward to hearing from you. Mike

Hi again Lee - any further info on this? I'm leaving for several shows in Chicago next this coming week and would love to have an idea of where this stands before I go. Many thanks, mike

I have walls for art shows but it's a very sturdy metal with gray felt designed for art
Shows.. My husband spent a lot on these 8 by 4 ft walls .i have 8'and i an go down to
$350. I am in the northwest suburb of Algonquin near Chicago,

Thanks Donna, but I have no interest in solid walls - I don't have a truck or van. And don't need anything else. Mike

Here are some other art equipment items I am selling. Two paper cutters,
Over head projector, slide projector, tent, walls, tables for art shows, director chair, and weights.


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