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Wanted mesh panels for pop up tent, stabilizer bars would be nice but not necessary ,will pay for shipping I live in Texas ,contact info : ,thank you

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I'm new but maybe veterans could confirm this suggestion. I use panels and shelves for 3D work but was sourcing mesh walls because I wanted to have the flexibility to use mesh on one wall. The Flourish mesh seems to get high marks from everyone on AFI but can be pricey. If you are newbie too and want an alternative you could check out I found the attached for $44.00 + $16.00 shipping. It's not finished as nice as Flourish but seems like a reasonable good alternative. I use 3/4 EMT conduit from Home Depot for the bars with a couple clamps and voila'. I attached a pic and the SKU is below. Hope this helps.
Tarps Now
White Heavy Duty Polyester Mesh Netting
Size : 6' X 10'
FS-MWP1971-6X10 1 $44.00
Subtotal $44.00
Shipping & Handling $16.99
Grand Total $60.99

Have you used this panel yet? How did it do?


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