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I just want remind everyone to remember the fine citizens of New Orleans who faced down several tornados yesterday.  There were some tornados in outlying areas too.  But in New Orleans alone, there were several.  Please remember the homeowners, business owners, and others who are waking up to obliterated property.  Power is still out in the area most affected.  There was a tornado warning but for most they did not have time nor a place to shelter.  Basements are not a thing you find in south Louisiana.  The water table is too high and/or the soil composition is not right for such thing.  So even those who were at home could not run to a basement or below grade storm shelter.

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Keeping them in my thoughts and Prayers. Cindy is everybody in your family ok? any damage?

Yes, we are okay.  We are about an hour out of New Orleans.  No damage to speak of in our town, Houma, that I know of.  We did have pretty gusty winds that would kind of make you feel "hurried along" when walking whether on the sidewalk or in parking lots.  The local channel I like for news and weather is ... just in case anyone has loved ones there and want to get local info.

Don't know where I've been, Cindy, but didn't even know about these tornadoes ... sorry. How are things now? after last year's floods ... tornadoes. I invite you to move to Michigan ;)

LOL  Thanks for the invite but the winters would do me in.  vbg

Some churches have stepped up help out with feeding and helping as they can with rebuilding, and debris is being cleared.  I believe the day the tornados hit the governor declared a state of emergency for the whole state .... so that no one needing assistance would be excluded.  It will take a while for all the homes to be repaired, replaced.  The area hit by tornados was not the same are affected by flooding.  So we have different areas being hit.  We have friends in a small town, French Settlement, that almost done redoing their house from the flooding in the Baton Rouge area.

We have had very mild winter here in Louisiana, even by our standards.  The lack of cold temperatures have some speculating already that the hurricane season will be rough.  The cold temps help cool down the Gulf of Mexico.  If the waters do not have a chance to cool down (stay somewhat warm), it means it's easier for a hurricane to develop.  Hurricane season starts June 1 and runs through November 30.  The busiest months for hurricanes are August and September.  However starting off with warmer water may mean it cranks up earlier.  :(  :(  :(


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