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Ten MD ProPanels and matching ProPanel desk for sale - Ann Arbor area

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Hello Jim - are these still available. What color are they?


Yes Mark, they are still available.  They are light grey in color.  Let me know if you're interested in seeing them . . . the photo really doesn't show how nice they are.

What are "MD" ?
Was that supposed to be "KD" - Knock down?
What price?

That's the brand name - MD ProPanels.  I'm asking $650 for everything.  New the panels and desk would sell for $1,400, not counting the extra braces.

Hello Jim,

Mark DiVitto forwarded the info to me about your panels. I am interested in them. Please let me know when we can talk.



Alka, I will be at home most of today, until 5:30, and all day Thursday and Friday. Give me a call at (734) 276-8888.



It was nice to talk to you today. Will look forward to your email with address.

Also, needless to say that I got your email. It was sitting in my junk folder :-)




I'm glad that you called and was able to contact me.

My address:

8782 Lilly Drive

Ypsilanti Township

My email address:


I'll be gone this evening, but I'll be home all day Thursday and Friday  I look forward to hearing from you.



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