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Tomorrow we are taking the plunge on ordering a cargo trailer to haul our craft booth supplies, tent(s), and art/crafts.  Yay!  Till we get the bill, anyway.

Up until now we have used a couple of different vehicles and managed okay, but it has been tight at times.  When we first started, believe it or not, we got everything into a 2008 Acadia.  Yes, a smaller sized SUV did the job.  Then we graduated to dh's 2006 (I think) Ford F150, with a camper shell.  Some of you may remember I posted the slider system he built to make it easier to load and unload.  Then we started using the 2011 Suburban we got when he was advised by our mechanic to get rid of the truck quickly, as in yesterday.

I have been wanting to graduate to a double booth, 10x20.  Up until now we just did not have room.  Dh is an excellent packer and we could not force any more any, save a stick of gum.

We have been looking online at local BST Facebook groups, talking to friends and so on to find a good used one.  There are just not any used ones out there in the 5x8 size.  dh has been to a couple trailer sales lots and found one he believes will work well for us.  It is a locally owned business that does a lot of sales to local people so it seems to be a good fit to us.  They have just sent in an order for about 8 or so cargo trailers and told us we could order the color we want because there is time to change it if we call this week.

We are going with gray with a door on the curbside up front and double doors on the end that swing out.  It has a vent in the top, wood walls inside.  DH is going to get some sealer for the walls to prevent water damage in the event we load/unload in the rain.  It may be well worth it regardless since we live in a very humid climate.

We have a hitch on the Suburban already so we don't have that to worry about.  Dh is looking at strapping and tie down materials for the inside so things don' shift when rolling down the road.

I am going to pick up the two shelving units this week we want to add to our double booth.  So far this fall we have one true 10x20 booth.  We have another show that is 10x16.  The other shows are a 10x10. We plan on doing more next year w/double booths.  This season will give us a chance to work out some of the kinks.

We are excited but know we will have to make some tweaks to get it right.  Hopefully it will be with us as it is with others and that our sales increase due to more space to "breathe" in the booth and more room to put out products.

Cindy ... excited in Louisiana about future possibilities!

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Sounds great Cindy.

I have been considering a Class C Toy Hauler.

Shorter in length than my truck plus a trailer.

Ability to sleep in.

Easier to drive.

lower toll costs.

possibly easier parking spots.

room to do shop work (to an extent) on the road.

Have not found one yet, but looking.

Trailer has many advantages also.

Hi Cindy,

Did you get your trailer and how do you like it?


We have not taken possession yet. They did not have any gray in stock but had just placed an order for some trailers. It'll be a few weeks. However we are taking this time to work on other booth/trailer related stuff. If I can find s photo online I'll post it here later.

Will your trailer have it's own brakes?

It may not have the weight requiring it, but I believe, it is a good feature to have.

Larry, yes it has its own brakes. It has double doors on the back side and a locking side door on the curbside.

Sounds like my old horse trailer, giddyup  :-)

We are excited. Can't wait to get it hitched up. LOL
Congratulations on your new trailer...

Update ... It looks like our cargo trailer could be in early next week, weeks earlier than first expected.  John (dh) went over to the dealership and was asking about a few things concerning our trailer when he was told it looks like it'll be in next week.

We are busy making plans for what to do to the interior.  For those who have the interior finished with wood, did you paint it?  If so, what type of paint?  Did you paint the whole interior or just part of it?  Dh is looking at putting shelves int the v-front.  Not sure he has made a final decision.  Pros?  Cons?

I would personally paint the interior white to give it a brighter interior. Will you havew lights inside?

Hmmmm.  I know we have a vent but I think lights were an upgrade.  They had just placed an order and some things were still available as options but not all.  Lights may have been one of them.  John is very handy and will ask if he thought about that.

Greg, what type paint did you use?

Cindy...The last trailer I had was about 7 years ago. I painted it with a flat white latex paint from Home Depot. Lights should be very easy to put in with all the very bright LED battery lights that are now available.


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