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I have been doing craft shows for 8-9 months now, about 6 shows so far. I make very small 1.5” c 2” clay figurines and carting them around has been a challenge. I have used old clay boxes and amazon boxes with foam for padding. These boxes are different sizes and it makes packing the car and carting these many little boxes around tedious.
Now that I have done a few shows I’m looking to manage this issue. Since I do these alone, I am looking for a large tote (60L) container that fits 6 (or few) smaller containers this keeps my clay organized it minimizes damages during travel. But does any one know of a brand or line of containers that fit inside each other?
Thanks for an insight anyone might have on this.

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Have you checked Walmart to see what they have. They probably have the best selection available in stores.

Larry Berman

Hobby Lobby has a storage section and I have bought from them many times.  Usually a 40% off sale rotates or you can use a coupon.

I have a lot of small things too. I use gun cases because they have foam padding and hold lots of little things in place
Plastic ornament boxes have lots of sections, several small pieces would fit in each one, wrapped individually. They have handles and if you look around, you may find a plastic tub that boxes would fit in together. I have two Action Packers by Rubbmermaid that have been with me for years.

I'm a beadmaker and use bead display trays and carriers for my work, and the Action Packers for everything else.
Thanks guys this has been very helpful! I have to check if they have Hobby lobby in Canada, if not I’ll have to make a trip down to buffalo!

While at art fairs, go and visit the other clay artists at the fair and ask them what they do and use. They are your finest resource.

Emily Brown ... I once had a canvas bag on wheels that held plastic bead storage boxes. It came from JoAnn Fabrics. The plastic storage boxes can usually be reconfigured to hold the size you need.


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