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I've about had it with these. When they came out I got one and found it didn't work with my old smart phone. Had to upgrade the OS, and then it worked periodically. At that time it wasn't mandatory to use the chip and it was still working off and on. Year before last I got a new S5 and the combo reader would work for one or two attempts and then nothing. (I've two old readers as backup.) Bought a new combo reader last fall and this year it's acting like the other one. That is: With it fully charged, I'll start the register, insert the reader and wait for it to connect and then read one of my chip cards for a $1 charge.  An hour or two later, it won't do anything and the register says it's still connected.

I've contacted Square multiple times, but always get their canned response first followed by a second canned one (charge them, check you OS, uninstall & reinstall, bla, bla, bla), and then complete silence when I ask them if these things ever work reliably. I've done what their canned responses ask multiple times as well.

Bottom line; has anyone actually had these things work reliably for a whole day?

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I have not gotten mine to work at all, let alone for a full day. I wish I had not spent $29 or whatever I paid. It was embarrassing to have a customer stand, waiting and waiting for the new square to approve her purchase. Finally, she asked if I would accept a check, which I did, with relief.

I completely understand what you're saying.  I almost ended up giving a print away because the square reader wouldn't connect and the customer didn't have checks or cash.  Fortunately, she was super patient and waited for quite a while for the reader to work.  Most customers would have walked away long before she did.  Very frustrating.

I wonder why Square has such inconsistency and problems with the $29 not working for some people and then working perfectly for others.

Obviously, there is no human error I feel fortunate that I have received one of the problem free chip reader combos. Maybe keeping a full charge on it all day has something to do with it...because the internal battery sure has to be a tiny one...

I still keep my old Mag stripe readers with me at the shows but hopefully I will not need to use them.

 Walt, Please bear with me as I'm just getting started with my new Ipad and square reader for this year.

Is the $29 reader running on Bluetooth or just the phone? I'm only asking because I was wondering about your reception.

The $29 one does not use Bluetooth. It's got two slots, one for chip cards and one for swipe cards. We've never had any issues with the old swipe only readers and I've seen that I may need to get a Bluetooth one if I'm going to be reading chip cards reliably.

Reception isn't the issue. The very few times we haven't had enough, I've a form for writing down numbers to punch in later. Haven't had to use that but once in three years and that's with AT&T.

When I don't have reception I just go into store and forward mode, and as soon as I get reception the Square uploads automatically.

It's too bad you can't get help from square. I have the $49 version set up as of a few days ago, but I don't have a chip credit card to run a test.

How many customers are using the chip cards now?

I've been noticing when I'm out shopping- I asked one clerk and she said they have trouble with their reader (not square) constantly, another said everything is fine, and yet another now has a sign up saying " no chip cards taken here." ??

i am constantly seeing an increase in the number of customers using chip cards. From what I understand any new card issued has a chip in it in addition to the magnetic stripe. In the future the magnetic strips will be eliminated. 

Judy...I think someone putting up a sign saying  " no chip cards taken here"  doesn't realize that it might confuse shoppers with a chip card and cause them to think that their card with the chip cannot be used at all..when in fact they can still use the swipe feature = no sale.

Yes, Greg, I agree. It was at our little hardware store.

My personal credit card expires 12/16, so I'm thinking that I may not have my own to test out until then!

Me too - hassles with the $29 one - had to give up on it last weekend, couldn't keep a customer waiting any longer while it decided it was 'connecting'. Don't keep it plugged into the phone (Android) either because of the problem of battery drain. Switched back to my old Square reader and never had another issue... hope that there's an update or fix coming.

I love squares interface and since I do a radio show on selling things I did research on ALL the mobile merchants, however I too did not have success with the $29 reader. I dumped it and the contactless reader never fails. It is without question so good I ask customers for a chip card (more protection for me) and this reader will get it every time. Then I use the traditional swipe when I get a no chip card.

I did pass the $29 reader to someone else who has an iPhone 7 and loves it.


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