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I've about had it with these. When they came out I got one and found it didn't work with my old smart phone. Had to upgrade the OS, and then it worked periodically. At that time it wasn't mandatory to use the chip and it was still working off and on. Year before last I got a new S5 and the combo reader would work for one or two attempts and then nothing. (I've two old readers as backup.) Bought a new combo reader last fall and this year it's acting like the other one. That is: With it fully charged, I'll start the register, insert the reader and wait for it to connect and then read one of my chip cards for a $1 charge.  An hour or two later, it won't do anything and the register says it's still connected.

I've contacted Square multiple times, but always get their canned response first followed by a second canned one (charge them, check you OS, uninstall & reinstall, bla, bla, bla), and then complete silence when I ask them if these things ever work reliably. I've done what their canned responses ask multiple times as well.

Bottom line; has anyone actually had these things work reliably for a whole day?

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If you're talking about the one in the picture I attached, I've had no issues with it.
If you are talking about the combo one they had before this one, it would never hold a charge.

Neither of the ones I have had the item on the right (your charger?), only the small plug in one on the left with a cable & a charger similar to the one for my phone. I got my second one early last year and it was the same as the first. Both will hold a charge (as far as I can tell), but won't work more than once.

I have the $49 unit pictured and used it for the first time last weekend. I connected it to my $50 ATT Go Phone & the only problem I had was when to insert the customer's card. When I got that figured out it worked like a charm.

In the photo, the large square item is the reader that has the card inserted. It's a stand alone unit connected via Bluetooth.

Lovely - they've a newer version and never said squat about it to me after all my complaints (and $29 for the second one as well).

Square notified us a long time ago they were coming out with the Bluetooth reader. I got in line to get one when they were introduced. I had never heard of the $29 unit until I saw a friend using one.

For me there is no advantage to the Bluetooth reader. You still need to have the plug in reader for those sales when customers hand you a card without a chip. The $29 reader combines both in one small and compact device that is about one fourth the size as the Bluetooth unit. 

But that's the one that does not work for me after the first try.

Something must not be set correct on your phone. These work easily and consistently for the vast majority of users. I have no more suggestions for a solution. 

Don't leave the 29 dollar one attached to the phone unless you are using it. Loses charge quickly that way.

Keep it hooked to a battery and you will not have that problem

Greg, we found out that keeping it hooked to a battery as a solution too.  dh bought a battery pack that we keep it plugged into.  The battery pack can charge a phone from 0% charge to 100% charge in about an hour, I think.  I know it charges quickly.  I used the chip reader at a 3 day show in New Roads (Market at the Mill) with no adverse issues.

Cindy...The external batteries batteries definitely do the job for me. I have 4 of them and find them invaluable. My tablet, phone and the card reader are always charged.I have never been at a disadvantage or suffered from being over-prepared for a show.

How was the Market at the Mill show?


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