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Trying to make an informed comparison for these two shows (competing weekend), 10/14/17.

Rittenhouse is listed as a "Craft"/ however my medium, Photography, is not accepted into the other PA Guild shows. I'm told this is really a fine art show.

For Fine Art photography, which is a better show?

Both are close enough drive.

Net cost for both shows should be similar.

Rittenhouse is 3 days, Bethesda 2 days.

I've done another show run by the same person as Bethesda, they run a very good show and are good to work with. Have not tried a PA guild show yet.

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HI Larry,

I looked into both of these shows when I first moved to PA (2010). 

Don't recall my reasoning, but I decided that the Bethesda show would be good to try.

Applied but got waitlisted. 

I have done one PA guild show, which is the one in Wilmington in the convention center in July.

There was not a large crowd, but steady. My first year was very good, but it was prob due to the 

fact that I was new. Second year I did about 1/2 of that amount.

I do not know of anyone personally who has done Rittenhouse.  I know a few who have done Bethesda- other potters, one was very happy who did not travel far, and one was not happy at all, who came from several states away.

The PA Guild shows have a good reputation, although I am not especially drawn to them.

Hi Larry - I think you are misinformed. Photography is allowed at all 3 PA Guild shows (two of which are at Rittenhouse Square, May and October). 

Photography is not allowed at the June and September Rittenhouse Square Fine Arts fairs which are held in the same location as two of the PA Guild shows, but are not Guild shows. Two separate organizations hold shows at Rittenhouse Square - PA Guild of Craftsmen and The Rittenhouse Square Fine Arts Association.

Hope that clears things up. As far as which show for photography (Bethesda or PA Guild), can't say.


Judy, Michael
Thank you for the input.
I'm still lost on the best decision and running out of time.
So many shows anymore. Competing schedules. Difficult medium....where is that crystal ball, when I need it.


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