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Hi, I'm not sure if I got this in the right discussion or not. After years in the art show world we have decided to take our business in another direction and have the following Pro Panels, Trimline tents and accessories for sale:

17 38.5" 8' knockdown Pro Panels....Paid $220 each - Selling for $140 each ORBO...some of these are new. These were custom made for me by Pro Panels.
14 30" 8' knockdown Pro Panels....Paid $185 each - Selling for $120each ORBO
3 25.5" 8' knockdown Pro Panels....Paid $185 each - Selling for $120 each ORBO
All of these panels have the extendable feet.

A complete lighting system.- SOLD

A 10x 10 Trimline tent with about 15 shows worth of use - SOLD
A 10 x 10 to 10 x 20 Trimline tent conversion kit with 8' sidewalls about 60 shows worth of use. - $500 ORBO

We have 54" awnings, 30" awnings, awning connectors, stay bars, 1' extensions, 2' extensions, banner bars, french wall pieces, reinforced corners. We will sell any of this parted out or whole for 65% of what you can buy it at Flourish for (before shipping).

4 38.5" black small quick bins...Paid $60....Selling for $35
2 30" black small quick bins...Paid $60....Selling for $35

2 Trimline 8' x 5' french wall mesh panel frames. $60 each

8' legs with foot. $30

6 2 1/2" x 18" steel weights with handles and attachment straps (weigh about 40 lbs. each)....$300 - SOLD

4 Trimline reinforced corners. $110

1 tall Totally Bamboo Directors Chair with foot rests and under storage bags (these are about $600 each new plus shipping.....Selling for $300)

2 Pro Panel corner desks...$150 each

Custom steel organizer for your trailer...Make an offer - SOLD

All the Pro Panel tent hooks, steel hangers, extensions, etc. that you could possibly need (65% the cost of new)

Rock n Roller cart R12 ($249 new at Amazon...$150) - SOLD

More miscellaneous support bars and other stuff than you can shake a stick at. There's about $20k worth of stuff here.

Call for pricing. We are willing to sell as one or split up. We do live in eastern Idaho but can arrange a meet or bring it down if you are buying enough pieces. Weather permitting we are coming to Colorado at the end of January so could deliver then.



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