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Hi, I'm not sure if I got this in the right discussion or not. After years in the art show world we have decided to take our business in another direction and have the following Pro Panels, Trimline tents and accessories remaining for sale...

This is all that's left

2 Trimline 7' x 5' french wall mesh panel frames. $20 each

7' legs with foot. $10

The above Trimline steel gets scrapped next Thursday if not gone.

2 black Pro Panel corner desks...$150 each



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Any chance you are coming to western Washington? I'm in the market for used Pro Panels.

Hi Paula,

We don't have any plans but could meet somewhere toward the middle if that would work. Are you interested in a 10 x 10?

Yes, and I'm pretty new to Pro Panels. I have been using Graphic Display System when I was doing glass in small show, but now I need something more elegant. Can you estimate what it would cost to put together a 10x10 with hardware etc.? Where are you in Idaho?

Hi Paula,

All our panels are 8' black knockdowns. We had the 38.5 panels custom made for us by ProPanels. They all have the extendable legs. 9 38.5's, 6 stiffeners and 2 L-stiffeners would give you a standard 10 x 10 booth. We'd ask $1300 for that. We have about $2100 in to plus shipping. If you are wanting support bars we have those also, but they are only necessary for indoor shows or if you are not tying your panels in to your tent.

Hi, so you're saying $1300 for the standard 10 x 10 booth set-up. They cost you $2100. We'll need support bars, because the first show is indoors. I might be interested in a couple of the smaller items like the quick bins.

Two questions:
1) how much wear are on the panels?
2) how far are you willing to drive?


Hi Paula,

Correct. $1300. That includes the 6 stiffeners, the two stiffeners, the leather loops, velcros and metal connectors for the panels. Everything you need to set the panels  up. Tent hooks and support bars would be extra but we have those also. We have 2 in 1 and shorter bars. Unless your art is really heavy you should be able to get by with 3 support bars. Without pulling all the receipts, we have about $2100 in to the setup. I was thinking I'd meet you somewhere around halfway. I live on the western boundary of Grand Teton NP. Whether I'm going out on I-90 toward Spokane or I-84 toward Boise - LaGrange would depend on where in western Washington you live.

I live just east of Seattle. I am seriously considering this--should have a decision in a day or two.

Sorry, Paula, the panels just sold

Wow! Well congratulations. That's terrific.

Sorry, some of the 38.5" panels (4 or 5) have never been used. Some are from 2013 and some are from 2015. They're all in good shape.


Hi Jack - do you happen to know if the tent hooks and cable hangers would work on Armstrong Panels as well as Pro Panels?  I'm under the impression they're pretty much the same construction but not 100% sure. If they'd work on both brands of panels I'm interested in some of the tent hooks and possibly the cable hangers.  How many of each do you have, and for the cables what are the lengths and how many hooks on each?  I'm also in western WA, but I imagine these are more easily shippable than the larger items.


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