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I have one show left in the Minneapolis area on Sept 9-10 and will be selling my pro panels after that. I have 6 - 38.5' dark grey panels with telescoping legs, 2- extender bars, 2 panel skirts, 2 hooks to attach to a canopy, 3 stiffeners and assorted hardware.  Let me know if you are interested to see it while set up at the show in September.  These are only slightly used - about 10 shows - and in just like new condition - I'm hoping to get $950. 

Pat -  

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I am interested in this set up for our historical society. Would pick-up be in the Minneapolis area?

Yes, if you want to see the panels set up, the show where I will be is in Edina at Centennial Lakes on Sept 9 & 10. You could pick them up there after the show on Sunday. Or after the show I will have them at home, which is in south Minneapolis.


Are these 6' or 7'?  Is $950 firm?

They are 6' but have telescoping legs which adds up to a foot in height.  Also I forgot to mention I have one extender panel which is also 38.5" wide and fits on top of one of the panels to add another 20" to the height. I really hope to get $950 because of all of the extra support bars, telescoping legs, extender panel and skirts.  


OK, I'll take them!  Being 6' when not extended means they should easily fit into my minivan for transport.  I have emailed you my email and cell# at your gmail address. Thanks!


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