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These are the best pro panels, I only make deals on the best ones, Made in the USA…not China….I went to the best schools so I know these are the greatest pro panels you can get.

- 10x20 booth
- 8 foot version with adjustable legs - Bigly
- Normal wear and tear
- Dark grey color - I prefer orange
17 - 38.5 wide panels
2 - 24 wide
2 - 30 wide

Located in Miami so they can be picked up anytime December - February as long as I have my new ones.

I do not want to sell half if you are buying for a 10x10 but if I have 2 people that each want half then we can figure something out….that's what I do….”Deals"

$1900 for everything….  900 for half .....originally $6,456,500


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I knew it! I remember those best schools you went to, Bruce. The question is: did you complete the degree? and was it cum laude? Does this mean you are leaving "the business" or that you will be showing your wok now on a new design and color?

Hey Connie...doing more Art Basel type events. I will be in Art Miami this December. Still doing the pop-up festivals though...Changing my panels to highlight and match my work. Hope you are well! If you know any artists that need my panels let me know...

I'll do what I can. Visiting Art Miami and Basel are high on my list ... nice change. Good luck.


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