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I'm selling my Pro Panel set which consists of nine 7' x 38.5" oatmeal panels with leg extensions plus 3 white storage bags, one adjustable print bin and a small hanging quick bin. I also will throw in 2 bags of velcro hangers for artwork. Very minimal use and in excellent condition.

Location: Detroit, Mi
Price $1,500 (Originally $2200+)






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Are these still available, and can you ship to AZ?

Annessa Y Morrison

Hi there, Thanks for the interest. I don't think shipping is an option for me. It would raise the price considerably and I do not have containers to package it in. Good luck to you.

Please call me at 989-798-3674. I live 1-1/2 hour away from you. Seriously interested. Or contact me at Thanks, Bill

Sure thing, will do Bill.

I am very interested if this is still available. I live in MI. Please let me know


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