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Please critique my booth shot, second try, new to this board...

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I realize that resolution is off.   

The problem with homemade panels or homemade fabric covers is that they look a little sloppy. Especially where they hit the ground. If you can tighten them up and make them look more professional you'll have a better chance of getting into the better shows. Also, you need some more work in the booth. The top heights of all the pieces should be at the same top height and the smaller pieces should have additional smaller pieces under them. You have an expensive canopy but the top is almost too bright to see the detail in it. Best booth pictures are taken when it's overcast or cloudy, which narrows the contrast range of the image and makes it easier to look at.
And why the white borders on the image?

Larry Berman

I think I have a way to make these work after thinking about it all night....I wasn't nervous about you critiquing my I'm happy to have a direction to go.
Thanks again.


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