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I recently rushed in and took a couple hundred shots of artwork with my Canon rebel T3i (18mp)... just natural light, no flash... not thrilled with results.

If I was to spend some $, and I don't mean over $200, what could I have bought to do a better job? I do have a medium size photo tent that will accommodate all but my larger pieces, but no external lighting apparatus. 

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Depends on what the pictures look like and what your medium is. The pictures may be adequate but need some editing. Can't tell without seeing the images.

Larry Berman


Sunlight should be one of the better "lighting systems" you can use... However, time of day, (and cloud cover) is important... Never shoot in the middle of the day, (always morning and afternoon,) and make sure sunlight is NOT too harsh. (Sometimes a bit of cloud cover over the sun makes a good "light filter...")

Before spending a lot of money, do some test... Using a digital camera, you can get INSTANT feedback on how the shot came out...(PLUS not spending money on film!!!)

You can shoot "bigger all around" the image, then crop in Photoshop...

As a photographer, I do some shots for local artists for no real charge other maybe than a bottle of good scotch or something.  I even do it at local markets I'm at when there is a lull period just for something else to do. Maybe you can find someone in your area that will do the same. 


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