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I received notice that I am #1 on a wait list for a Chicago area art fair.  That's all well and good.  What I have a question about is why would this same art fair still be soliciting late applications for the show?  If better work comes in, do I get bumped down the list?  I have another show opportunity at that time and don't want to be left holding an empty bag.  Thoughts please!

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       Just another wonderful example how artists are regularly ripped off .   Just saying !

I get rejects, wait lists, and more. But I do hate to see that shows are still taking applications when they have already notified people they are on the wait list. That's just greed, plain and simple.

I am happy to report that I have been removed from the wait list and have now been accepted to the show.  The production company informed me that, as someone suggested, they wait listed by category and accepted late applications from categories that had not been filled up.  Five shows in the bag and waiting for two more juries.  Summer will be busy.


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