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I'm a newbie art fair artist getting ready to apply to some 2018 events via Zapplications with a question about image size. Unclear to me if the required image size must be 1920 pixels square, or if Ok if only one side at 1920 will suffice.

My artwork is mostly 11 x 14 portrait, with a few pieces landscape at 17 x 11. I've shot some hi res photos and determined that with a piece of the frame included in the image (the frame matters in my case) I came up with a best fit digital image size of 1920 x 1508. Will Zapplications plant and/or otherwise modify my images with black background space to make it fit a 1920 x 1920 square pixel space or will they leave it as is? If the latter, is there any disadvantage to submitting a 1920 x 1508 full frame image vs a 1920 square with black filler space around a 1920 x 1508 image?


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The requirements will be 1920 pixels on the longest side, but the overall submission should be 1920 pixels square. The remaining side should be expanded to 1920 pixels by adding a black border to it. Go into the canvas size menu and click on that to resize to 1920 using the black canvas selection. It will automatically center the image with equal size black borders on the short dimension.

Generally the frame isn't included unless you're hand building those specific to each piece.

Here's an article I wrote on formatting jury shots and booth shots for ZAPP. It's a bit long but is the result of several workshops on the topic;

Thx for ur feedback. I was hoping I would not have to bother making them 1920 square because I have already posted my images on zapplication. But if that's what it takes to satisfy the jury folks then so be it. 

Thx for the link. I read the parts that apply to my situation. Your suggestion for using a simple gradation for the filler instead of plain flat black was helpful. One of my pieces is framed in black and would get lost against black side bars so I was thinking of using a grey tone. Not ideal in my case so using a gradation instead should look better.

Thx again



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