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OK, it's time to bite the bullet.  My current E Z-Up doesn't work for me anymore.  It's plenty sturdy and keeps out the water and wind, but I can't put it up with fewer than 2 helpers, and it takes forever!  I have 4 major outdoor shows coming up in rapid succession, and I need to make a decision.  I have time to order though before these start.  I will have to set up and take down alone for 2 of these shows.

So... I am looking at investing in either a Trim Line or a Light Dome.  I can find plenty of information extolling the virtues of the Trim Line, and I have had Flourish price out my dream tent with all of the options I want.  Yowie!  Expensive. 

I have heard good things about the Light Dome, but nothing particularly specific.  How easy is it to put up by yourself?  Does the fabric let in much light?  Is it comparable to the Trim Line?  Are there any problems?  I am interested in this one because it seems to me that some of the extras you pay for from Flourish are standard features with the Light Dome.  But is this just my perception from their advertising?

Any light you can shed on this dilemma will be happily considered!


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I have a Finale, which is the barrel-top version of the LightDome, and have been using it for about 10 years with complete satisfaction. I do my shows alone, am a LOL (little old lady) and am able to put it up and take it down by myself with no problems. I find that bundling ALL of the poles together, and ALL of the sides plus canopy top together makes packages that are too awkward/heavy to carry and stow into my Focus wagon, so I don't use the carry bags that came with the setup. The fabric of the canopy is heavy and strong, has never leaked, and lets in plenty of light to show off my paintings to good effect.
Once I was in a very severe storm. I was able to take nearly everything down and stow it away into my vehicle before the front hit, but the canopy was still up with the feet anchored in grass. The wind was so fierce that the 2 windward legs of the frame bent enough that they would no longer telescope up. After a while I got tired of fighting with them and ordered 2 new parts, but that was the only replacement I have had to get, in about 200 fairs worth of use.
BTW, I chose the Finale because its construction seemed to be a little bit sturdier than the LightDome. I ordered it with the ventilation windows front and back, but am not sure they are worth the extra expense.
Thanks, Joan, for the insightful answer. I just got off the phone with the company, and I am leaning towards the Finale. Do you use stability bars? Only one of my outdoor shows will be on lawn.
I use stability bars and they make a difference I think. If it's in your budget, you'll be glad somewhere down the road that you have them. If you don't have them in your budget at the moment, you can add them later.
I have a light dome for sale, great shape, love it, due to health issues retiring, letting go for $600, if you are interested or know someone who is here is my email:
Thank You,


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