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Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone is aware of someone that might be selling a canopy setup (or renting one out) reasonably close to Metro Detroit?


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Hi CD!  I live in East Lansing, MI.  How soon are you looking for something?  I've been meaning to get the ball rolling on selling my TrimLine canopy...I peeked on here to see what interest was out there and I just had to reach out since we're so close!  I am going away for a long weekend but can get back to you next week if you're interested.  I attached a couple of pics.  I'll be listing most of my set up, the dark grey propanels are what I have (the light gray ones were made by someone and I sold those years ago).  The setup has only been lightly used from 2011-2014 (about 2-5 shows per year), I injured my wrist and that swayed me off the shows.  I kept everything tucked away in storage these past couple of years but work life has changed for me and I think it's time to come to terms that I won't be on the road anymore.  :)  


Oh that might be perfect. Let's talk when you're back home.

Hi Becca,

I sent you an email this morning. Not sure if you're still looking to sell it?


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