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I'm located in Southern Illinois.  Can travel within a reasonable distance to pick up or can look at shipping.  Please contact if you are looking to sell.  Thanks.

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I have mesh panels (metal) to fit a 10x10 EZ Up (we used these with an EZ Up).  Panels fit three of the four sides of an EZ Up and there is a short divider panel (we had our credit card machine and packing supplies behind this shorter "wall" so we could ring up sales without impeding traffic flow through the booth) .  I also have the joints (to attach the panels to one another), the weights and the nylon mesh "covers" for the panels ( these panels are a light beige and cover the mesh but still allow you to use hooks to display glass, pottery, paintings, etc.  It makes for a more attractive display but is not an essential part of the mesh panels).  I can send pictures if you would like.  We are in North Carolina. We are asking $600 for the panels, and we will include the nylon covers at no extra charge).  Email us at for more information.


I'm very interested and thanks for the quick reply.  I sent you an email as well.  Would like to see the pictures so that I can see what the setup looks like.  Thanks again.

I'm still looking if anyone has one similar to Flourish, etc...  Thanks.

Hi I have three mesh panels from Trimline for a two diamond stlye EZ UP for sale.  You will need to purchase a stabar kit to finish it off.  Asking $350  it has only been used a couple of times.  The kit costs $130 thru trimline tent company.  I am traveling thru Ill next week On my way to Indianapolis.

Hi Christine, I am just getting into the fair circuit and am looking for three panels for a 10x10 easy up,to hang paintings from, do you still have them available and would you be willing to ship them to NY I will cover any shipping cost. I am very interested

Thank You, Paul

Just sent you a message Paul, thank you.


Hi Christine, Another question is this mesh kit for a one diamond or two diamond framed tent

Thank You Paul

Hi Christine, I have yet to purchase my tent for a show in August, I guess they make two types of mesh walls for the different frame work on the ez ups. That is why I asked about the frame.

Thanks again,


Wow, this post just got busy.  Christine, thanks for the heads up, I actually had just bought another set of three panels used.  Looks like you have another interested party.  FWIW, I paid the same price as you are offering so very fair deal I'd say.  Thanks again.

Hope you don't mind me adding to this. 


I am looking for 1 mesh wall.  I have a trimeline tent and already have the stay bars.  If anyone is selling just one mesh panel I would love it.





Hi Paul,

It is for the two diamond style EZUP.

Hi Melanie, 

no problem :)   I have three walls designed for a two diamond EZ UP but the lady I purchased them from was using them for her Trimline

Thanks Christine,


I sent you a friend request so I could message, but the message didn't go through.  It is my birthday so probably user fault :}  Let me know if you would sell one wall.






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