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Looking for a web site designer that I won't have to take out a bank loan for!

I threw together our website over 12 years ago with MS Front Page and that's not supported by much of anything today - not to mention how dated our site looks!  I've gone through a dozen developers in our area and no one is interested - not enough $$ for them!  We don't want a shopping cart.  We've already got our domain name and am happy with iPower for hosting.  What we want is a drastically more artistic and visually appealing site that we can EASILY update with pictures, shows and other information.  Does anyone anywhere know someone that can do this?

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That picture of the furniture is just a stock picture, and not meant to be used in any website, it is just to show what is possible for your website to look like. MY point is that before you can ask anyone to make a website, you need new images. If you send me a few new images, I will put them on this website so you can see how they look and work. From experience it takes a lot of time to get good images. You and your wife should have two separate websites since you will be trying to get completely different people to look. 

This is just a test website for you, it has your name spelled wrong anyway, so eventually will come down. By the way, your wife's hats are beautiful, they would be great for the little horse race going on now where I live. Louisville KY

It is hard to be an artist, and do other things too. My email is

Hey Walt - I just sent you an email with some ideas - feel free to call me if I can help!


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