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Hello Art Show Folks,

I have been through some major life changes recently. As a result, I have decided to make the plunge and venture out to the art fair world to sell my photography. I am working outside of the US right now but at the beginning of 2018, I will be back in the country and ready to take on art fairs full time. And, I will be doing it while traveling in my SUV and a travel least that is the plan at the moment.

Are there others folks out there that are "location independent" and working art shows from their RV or travel trailer? I am interested in learning from those who have blazed this trail. What are the big considerations? Am I crazy for considering this? This information will be very helpful as I move forward to this new life in 2018.

Thanks in advance for your advice/comments!


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I been learning along the way. Although I have not done this full time.. I have traveled in my van part time during the winter months in South Florida.  Im still learning the shows and the circuit..  

Began 3 years ago with a Toyota Sienna.  I have now graduated to a ford transit medium roof.. Which I enjoy..  The trick is keeping it stealthy.  I have had no regrets yet, as I have met many folks on the road and has been a total adventure.. Would love to meet other travelers & artist.   My attitude is to do it while you can, enjoy life, take photos, learn, & well I know its only for a season or two as we discover our market.  

Wishing you new discoveries and growth as a artist during this time of your life.. 

I have a tad head start before you, so I will be learning during the next couple years myself.. 

Hi Chris,

Thanks for sharing your journey with me. I have to say I am rather excited about the prospect of meeting the other artists and learning from them. 



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