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Tired of canopies that are "blow-overs", "leaks on u" or "spill overs"?  Afraid for you art when the wind blows or storms threatens?  I got just the thing for you!

We are retiring and have a couple of items you might want.  One is our lightly used Creative Industries "Light-Dome" show canopy.

  • Standard "show white"
  • 10' X 10'
  • Optional front awning
  • Optional "back porch"... 10' x 10' zipper attached fly with poles (no sides panels.  great for additional storage, kids playroom or a private lunch or nap...
  • Aircraft grade 2"aluminum poles with snap connectors
  • Forged aluminum corners (no plastic!)
  • top is aerodynamic for low wind resistance and made from translucent material to better showoff your work.
  • erects in about 10".  My 5'4" wife can erect by herself.
  • adjusts for uneven ground
  • Side panels zip together and have a mid zipper so the tent can be configured in many ways... great for corner or wider spots....
  • certified as fire retardant material
  • Manufacturer is still making this one so parts are available
  • I have two storage bags, all the stakes, straps and poles for the fly etc.
  • packs for shipping in two 24" X 24" x 60" boxes.  Weights less than 90lbs.

We paid over $1500 for this years ago.  will take $600.

ben robinson @ 501-224-6038 (Little Rock, AR)

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I am interested in your canopy and would like to discuss shipping options. I live in Winston Salem, NC 27127.



Jerald, tent without weights about 80-90 lbs. it can be shipped via UPS. I have clients in Nashville,TN we could meet there perhaps. Currently we are in italy and won't return till 10-22-13. Tent is in Arkansas.

Please get back in touch when you return home.  Hope you enjoyed your trip.

Steve O.

Steve, your reply makes no sense and has nothing to do with post about the canopy or my interes t in it.


My error.

back from Italy.... if you are still interested in Light Dome.. Please call me at 501-224-6038

Morning to everyone from Florence! We will be back in USA on oct 22nd.

Tent is bulky to ship. I would ship in two boxes each probably 18 or 24 inches square and 60" long. Probably each weights 40 pounds within limits for uPS. Guessing under $100

Hi Ben,

I am definitely interested and would like to proceed when you get back.   Would you like a deposit to hold the canopy? Please feel free to contact me at jeralddotwinteratgmaildotcom.



Jerald, I am back fro Italy.  Probably best to give me a call at 501-224-6038

Thanks for taking my call. I tried to send you email with details, but I must have had it wrong ang message bounced.  My phone is 336-970-3077.

Do you still have this for sale?  if so, call me at 334-224-4584

Yes, several folks are also interested . In italy till next week. Stayed tuned. Do I have questions?



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